Rekindling the Flame: Darby excited to be back in Winnipeg

Alden Darby Jr. just wanted to be wanted. And it is particularly gratifying to him that it was the Winnipeg Blue Bombers who wanted him.

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I am often confused by some player moves the Ticats have made since Burke left. They got Darby, he was all over the community events in Hamilton last winter establishing a presence and excitement.Then he rarely played. Same situation with Durant. He hardly played. And who knows if BLM will get signed. Not impressed with the front office these days.
OTOH I am glad it worked for Darby to be back with his Bomber family.

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I think most Bomber fans were also confused why he wasn't dressing. Most called for us to get him back and were very happy that we finally did.
Not sure WTF is up with Rutledge, and Wilson injury is a BIG loss, but our LB group has been looking thin for months. Darby fits our D like a glove.


I'd like to know where you guys think Darby could have started in Hamilton?

He's not starting over Kam Kelly at SAM. If you think he should be a starter over Rolle/Evans/Leonard/Brooks I'd really like to hear your argument supporting that

Maybe you could argue that he could have got a few more reps as a back-up who comes in a few plays when one of our DBs/SAM linebackers needed a break or injury, but aside from that he is a solid, but not great secondary player on a team that was pretty stacked in that position