Reinstate Tillman!

This team is drifting like a ship without a rudder! Why? Because the man in charge is unable to come into work and do his job on a daily basis! are innocent until proven guilty and that's a fact! Tillman has been accused and charged with a crime but he has not been found guilty of one. Enough said! Reinstate him! Let him come nto his office every day where he has the advantage of being able to do his job with his staff at his disposal. He needs to be able to walk out on the field and watch as pratice takes place. Where he can get a feel of how things are going and a sense of how the coaches are performing. Let's be honest here, Ken Miller does not have the experience to handle everything that has been dropped in his lap.It seems like the Rider directors and Mr. Hopson are more interested in making some kind of statement about their own moral and ethical standards than they are in contributing to the success of the team! Give Tillman the benefit of the doubt until such time as a court of law says differently! He needs to be able to come in and take a firm hold of the coaching situation and the state of the team in general If Hopson and the directors insist in continuing on the present course then this rudderless ship is just going to keep on drifting until it comes to the rocks! Enough foolishness. Put the captain back in place and let's go win a Grey Cup!

he works from home.. jsyk

Everyone knows that he works from home.That's the whole point of my comment. He would probablly be much more effective if he were able to come in to work where he can get a real hands on sense of what is going on with the team. Presentlly he is limited to Miller dropping by his house every couple of days with and update of what's happening with the team!

ya.. so he's still doing his job, he still goes to visit players personally, AKA Harrell. he was the one who was with him when he arrived in Regina.

they're not going to reinstate him.

but he still is doing his job, just from home!

there are phones and cell phones, and email and internet you know?

Although it pains me greatly to say this, maybe Taman should be made co-GM... with a hotline to ET.. they can discuss and make the necessary changes.. here is what I would like to see...

  1. Fire the coaching staff.. its a drastic move, but one that must be made. Its obvious that these guys are unable to put together a solid game plan and make adjustments at halftime.
  2. Make Durant your starter.. no BS rotation! I wonder how Durant's confidence is after being pulled from the game and staying on the sidelines for the entire 2nd half. I would only pull Durant if he get injured or is having a very bad game.. and is not moving the offence.
  3. Practice, practice and practice some more BALL control for the offense, and tackling for the defence, especially the run defence.
  4. Special teams need a serious upgrade.. the kicking game is OK, but we need guys that can cover on punts and not fumble on returns.. I don't know how anyone in the Rider organization thinks that Kavis Reed is a good coach!

So...back to football fundamentals if I'm understanding you. I totally agree with your assessment of Kavis Reed! Your thoughts on a co-GM approach are interesting and may be the way to make the best of a bad situation!