Reinebold's Departure Was A Major Mistake.

All this fussing about Head Coaches and Steinouer moving up into the role but the real pimple on the face is the Special Teams coaching. If possible, the club should try to woo Jeff Reinebold back. He’s the only one who knows what he’s doing, unlike the guy who decided to mess with his very successful role in Hamilton. Get Reinebold back here. The guy we got in there now is wasting my time.

They tried to get him back, Scott Mitchell and June Jones met with him and offered him a position to come back. He chose to make things personal with the organization instead of understanding that Austin was out of the picture and could work with his buddy June.
Doesn’t sound like he is interested in being a Ticat.
Orlondo didn’t take this same approach, if he had a problem with Austin it was clearly under the bridge because he came back a year later.

The left coast puts him 4 hours closer to home. Once you live in that area, it’s hard to move east again. I wonder if we hadn’t “promoted him to DC?, would he have quick anyway?
Would love to have him back but I think that ship has sailed.

That was a bridge that Ticats should not have burnt. Jilted lovers. Sometimes it’s messy.

It is spelled Reinebold

With Wally leaving at season’s end, Reinebold could be a candidate for the Lions Head Coaching position, or he could be out of a job, if the new HC wants someone different as ST Coach

I loved Jeff in Hamilton and he seemed to love the city. He is a great ST coach, but I knew it was a mistake when he moved to defence.

He did not do well in that role with Montreal.

I think Austin was out of choices for a D coordinator when Jeff took the job. It was late in the spring as I recall.

I believe if Jeff stayed with ST, he would still be here as Jones most likely would of kept him in that role.

IMO the final nail in the coffin for Austin and the cause of great worry was the defence that JR was in charge of last season. The worst I can remember in recent memory. he was horrible. Lolley turned things around almost right away and he too was soon out of a job.

This departure happened a year ago. Does it really merit discussion again? Reinebold isn’t coming back, and he had a terrible record as a DC both here and in Montreal. As to his history as a HC, remember his time in Winnipeg? IMO, he has risen to his level of competence. Let him be.

I do think we overemphasize the head coach’s role and overlook the assistants. Maybe that’s just the nature of it, but Jeff did a great job in his time here and I think that the quality and performance of special teams made up for deficiencies on offense.

Jeff is a great instructional coach, a real asset to special teams. He was one of the most effective coaches in camp and a fun guy for the players . It would be great to have him back!

True dat. Behind every successful man there’s a good woman and behind every sucessful coach there’s a good assistant… or two! …