Reinebold to Lions as STC

Glad to see him back in the league.

Good for him, he will do well and 3 hours closer to Hawaii time!
Knowing what kind of person Jeff is,
He probably didn't want to be a disruption to Lolley's defence if he came back here!
Reinebold works best with those fringe players that can't make a starters spot and gets them to make those big plays on Special Teams when they get their chance!

And a BIG plus is, There is some pretty good surfing off the West Coast of Vancouver Island!

Great hire as a special teams coordinator, just don't promote him.

Great going Jeff, all the very best to you and your family in BC, thought he was a hell of a good Special Teams coach in Hamilton and a great guy for the community.

I wonder if “Speedy B” as a free agent might be thinking of heading to BC now with Reinebold on board?

I'm thinking that Speedy no longer thinks of himself as a "special teams" player. I'm thinking he sees himself as a starting receiver.

Regardless - all the best to Reinebold, I think special teams are his niche.

Jeff should be, at least geographically, happy in Vancouver, but says he really was hopeful for a return to The Hammer:

On a nice article, from his new CFL home, Reinebold says he chose to go west over an offer to re-join the TiCats:

So I am watching SKY Sports ( English rights to the NFL ) watching the NFC Final of the NFL on Sunday and holy cow their commentator is none other than Jeff Reinebold .

The other two on the panel they put former winner of Super Bowl with the Colts and Bears then they go to Jeff and put he was a coach in Hawaii 10 years ago and nothing about the CFL for a name plate and relevance .

Other than him constantly slouching he actually was good at breaking down plays specifically on offence where turn overs had taken place .

I could see him doing some TSN work someday he does have a gift for the gab and enough knowledge of the game to do some analysis .

He has been doing this since at least 2015

Coach Reinebold was a great special team co-ordinator in Hamilton. It was almost as much fun watching his reaction to his unit making a big play as seeing the play itself.

The other image that will always stick in my mind was at an away game in Toronto.Prior tothe game even before the warmups, there was the Coach passing the ball with fans in the stands. In all my years as an enthusiast, that was the first and only time I had ever seen this.

Loved his energy, the surprises, and the results of his efforts as a special teams co-ordinator in Hamilton. Sadly, it hasn't been the same since.

Best wishes Coach Reinebold.

Thank you for being such a great Tiger cat.

I was there too and it left a lasting image with me. Opening game 2015. Went up and down the sidelines playing catch with anyone who wanted to catch and throw before the game. I really like the guy. he is great for the CFL. BUT he is a BAD D coordinator.

Never knew that but if that’s the case why the snub against his CFL credentials .
You think he would look at it and say jeepers I have a pro job or any job since the Hawaii days that supersede the Hawaii NCAA days years ago . That should not be his moniker or claim to fame if his bread and butter is the CFL .