[i]Kent Austin, Vice President of Football Operations and Head Coach of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, announced Monday that Jeff Reinebold has been promoted to Defensive Coordinator of the football club. Reinebold had previously served as the team’s Special Teams Coordinator for the last four seasons and also as Linebackers Coach since 2014.

“Jeff is an intelligent, experienced football coach that has been a leader on our staff for the past four years,? said Austin. “His familiarity with our players, coaches and staff will allow for a smooth transition and speaks to our emphasis on the importance of continuity within our organization.?

Reinebold, 59, will enter his fifth season with the Tiger-Cats in 2017. He joined the team as Special Teams Coordinator on February 5, 2013, adding the role of Linebackers Coach in March 2014. The South Bend, Indiana, native has nearly 35 years of coaching experience, including 13 years at the CFL level.

Under Reinebold’s tutelage, the Tiger-Cats special teams and linebacking units have had tremendous success both from an individual player and team perspective. Wide receiver and kick returner Brandon Banks has been named a CFL All-Star twice (2014, 2015), an East Division All-Star in three consecutive seasons (2014-16), and won the 2015 John Agro Award as the league’s Most Outstanding Special Teams Player. Linebacker Simoni Lawrence has also been named an East Division All-Star in three consecutive seasons (2014-16), and was named the East Division’s Most Outstanding Defensive Player and a CFL All-Star in 2015.

The Tiger-Cats have led the CFL in special teams touchdowns in each of the last two seasons. In 2015 specifically, Hamilton scored six touchdowns on special teams, including four punt return majors by Banks, and two additional touchdowns on a blocked punt and an onside punt recovery. Overall, the Tiger-Cats had six blocked kicks, while the rest of the league combined for just 12 in total. Banks also returned a missed single-point convert attempt for the first missed convert return score in the history of the CFL, and had two additional kick return touchdowns negated by penalties.

Prior to joining the Ticats, Reinebold served as Defensive Coordinator for the Montreal Alouettes in 2012. His coaching experience at the CFL level also includes various roles with the B.C. Lions (1991-93, 1996), Las Vegas Posse (1994), Edmonton Eskimos (1995), and a two-year stint as Head Coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (1997-98).[/i]


2017 Defensive Coordinator Hamilton Tiger-Cats
2014-16 Special Teams Coordinator & Linebackers Coach Hamilton Tiger-Cats
2013 Special Teams Coordinator Hamilton Tiger-Cats
2012 Defensive Coordinator & Defensive Backs Coach Montreal Alouettes
2008-11 Wide Receivers Coach Southern Methodist University
2006-07 Defensive Line Coach Hawaii
2003 Special Teams Coordinator & Tight Ends Coach Louisiana Tech
2001-03 Special Teams Coach Amsterdam Admirals
1999-2000 Linebackers Coach Rhein Fire
1997-98 Head Coach Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1996 Assistant Head Coach & Defensive Coordinator B.C. Lions
1995 Secondary & Special Teams Coach Rhein Fire
Special Teams & Linebackers Coach Edmonton Eskimos
1994 Secondary & Special Teams Coach Las Vegas Posse
1991-93 Special Teams Coordinator, WR & DL Coach B.C. Lions
1990 Linebackers Coach New Mexico
1989 Head Coach Rocky Mountain College
1986-88 Defensive Backs Coach Pennsylvania
1983-85 Running Backs Coach Montana
1982 Linebackers Coach Dartmouth
1981 Wide Receivers Coach Western Montana

Congratulations Jeff, all the very best in your new role as Defensive Coach with the Tiger-Cats.

Lets make the Tiger-Cats the top defence in the CFL in 2017 and build a winning team!!


Wow Grover! Your attention to detail is amazing. Thanks for helping the rest of us to stay informed. :thup: :thup: :thup: You are the man!

Pat Lynch(the old guy who is a big Homer Simpson fan)

I agree Pat. Thanks for all the info you provide us fans, Grover, you rock :rockin:


Thank you, it really is my pleasure! :wink:

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 2h2 hours ago
#Ticats Kent Austin says he expects @Jeff_Reinebold to keep much of the system & terminology used by former DC Orlondo Steinauer. #CFL

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 2h2 hours ago
#Ticats Kent Austin says new special teams coordinator will come from outside the organization. Interviews already underway. #CFL

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 1h1 hour ago
#Ticats coach Kent Austin says he's already interviewed 1 person & will interview 1 or 2 more for Special Teams coordinator job. #CFL

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 1h1 hour ago
#Ticats coach Ken Austin says there will be other changes to the coaching staff. The full staff will be announced in a couple of weeks. #CFL

Good luck to our new DC! Hope his enthusiasm catches on with every member of the defensive unit. 2017 should be a good season.

Well, there goes six pages of posts down the drain :smiley: !

Jeff is a true CFL rounder. His record as a specialty coach is pretty good.

However, he might have been the absolute worst head coach in bomber history - and that's saying something - cuz we've had some real losers and pieces of human trash over the years:

  1. Jeff, Maggot Kelly (tie)
  2. Revoltin' Joe Zaleski
  3. Tim Burke
  4. Jim Spavital
  5. Doug Berry
  6. Bud Riley
  7. Daryl Rogers

Reinbold and Zaleski probably have the worst winning percentage of all-time bomber head coaches. Only rivalled by the current occupant - Mike O'Shea who's hovering around the .400 mark - the rule in bomberland is never criticize a sitting head coach - wait til he's fired and then jump on him!\

For the record - so I'm not perceived as a negative nelly on all things bombers they've had some very good head coaches. I'd rank 'em as follows:

  1. Bud Grant
  2. Mike Riley
  3. Cal Murphy
  4. Dave Ritchie/ Paul LaPolice (tie)
  5. Ray Jauch

They had an NFL guy just before Grant came aboard, just can't recall the name!

J'espère pour les supporteurs de Hamilton que Reinebold a appris quelque chose à côtoyer Steinauer.

Son passage à Montréal dans cette fonction n'a pas été reluisant. Ses concepts avec les secondeurs étaient relativement bons, mais les schémas de la ligne défensive et de l'unité des demis défensifs étaient franchement mauvais.

Mais Oui ! Oui!
Welcome Jeff!! :thup:

[quote="Grover"]Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 2h2 hours ago
#Ticats Kent Austin says he expects @Jeff_Reinebold to keep much of the system & terminology used by former DC Orlondo Steinauer. #CFL

So...He's not the new offensive co-ordinator? He's just the new guy that calls the old plays, I guess.

Kinda like our offensive co-ordinator, who doesn't co-ordinate the offence.

I'm starting to understand this now.

Allie Sherman was the head coach of the Bombers before Bud Grant. Later, Sherman was the head coach of the New York Giants from 1961 - 68. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Thanks Pat - I knew someone would remember!

Didn't Allie die just a couple years back - musta been nearly 100 . . .

Hey Lyle here is Bomber Head Coach Reinebold on a Harley with the Mascot on the back! :cowboy:

and here is a clip of when he irritated Lions HC Adam Rita so bad he attacked him at the end of the game! :rockin:

The 1997 brawl with BC and WPG

Reinbold vs. Rita was more 1-sided than Rousey vs. Nunes!

Rita basically knocked the fake hell's angel back about 8 feet with his pinky finger!

Yup !!! Reinebold was so Cool back in those days that they even made a Model for him!!!......Aaaaaay !!! :thup:
:rockin: :slight_smile: :rockin: :slight_smile: :rockin: :slight_smile: :rockin: :slight_smile: :rockin: :slight_smile: :rockin:

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