Reinebold à Hamilton

Les Timinous ont embauché Reinebold comme coordonnateur des unités spéciales.

Au moins, c'est un domaine auquel il a déjà touché.

T’es ben tard avec ce nouvel, mon ami! :wink:

Mieux vaut tard que jamais! :stuck_out_tongue:

I`m happy to see Reinebold land on his feet - cool guy, straight shooter - just in over his head as a defensive co-ordinator.

And the guy he replaces, Jim Daley, is an experienced CFL special teams coach who would be perfect for the Als.

I don't think Jeff was in over his head. It's more likely combination of players not buying in,which I feel was large part of the problem with defensive break downs. Remember he couldn't hire and fire. Also I think he assumed that the players would get up to speed before the middle of the season and it just didn't happen. We could see the same type of trouble this season with all the new coaching staff and new play systems that will have to learned.

Multiple players, including veteran like Cox, have implied that Reinebold was a good rah-rah guy but poor at actually communicating what he wanted from the unit. He was also bad at making halftime adjustments. (let's not even touch the report that he and Sinclair got into a shouting match at halftime of a game in which we were being blown out)

Popp did his best to surround Reinebold with talent but ultimately he was a poor DC and evaluator of talent. How long did it take him to release Hunt and use Cash? How long did Osaisai play? How long did it take him to move Parker inside? Reinebold ran the same basic D coverage most snaps -- man corner / zone inside. We couldn't disguise it well, and we didn't vary it enough. Teams ate it up once they figured it out, including powerhouse offenses such as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. :wink: :roll:

Reinebold had no prior experience on the defensive side of the ball and was very clearly in over his head. He should never have been hired in the first place.

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