Reinbold's Special Team the best in the CFL!!

By Far the best Special Teams in the CFL in the Tiger-Cats as coached by Jeff Reinbold, every time they make a play they keep you on the edge of your seat!

If it's not Speedy B or Quincy Mcduffie, or Sinkfield it the play last nought of Brandon Stewart and the special teams or Bo Landry or Fredrick Plesius on down field tackles on returns. Medlock and O'Neill are a great combo and it's working out well, all around Kudos to Coach Austin and Reinold's special teams.

7-0 at home at Tim Horton's Field, Let's keep the home winning streak going boys!!!


Best part about our ST's is Banks has been in a little bit of a slump lately! He's about to victimize another team here on the horizon!

Medlock is the top Kicker in the league, nice treat to have! :thup:

Reinbold is a genuis! His special teams are the best.
Teams are game planning against our punt returns now.
If teams are specialiing on preventing Banks punt returns, then, I would like to see all out attempts and send everyone into block the punt

That on side recovery was a thing of beauty. Payed to perfection. Put that one in a coaching manual. Coach Reinebold and the unit deserves kudos. :thup: :thup:

After Hamilton pulled the same play at least a couple of times near the end of last season, why was the blew team not aware of it. During the time when Brandon Stewart recovered the ball, there were four opposition players within a yard of him standing and watching the play and did nothing, He was on the turf, all they had to do was touch him. Even those that did chase Stewart were doing so half heartedly.

Milanovich should be asking his ST coach, why was he not aware and, if he was, why didn't he share this with his players?

We definitely have the best ST in the league and have since Reinbold's arrival, as he is THE BEST ST coach in the league.

My only criticism in the Blew team's onside kick late in the game…our hands team was nowhere near an opposing player which was easily fielded by them. No biggie now…but something they may want to work on for when it really matters.

Didn`t understand that separation either. Perhaps, a missed assignment??