Reinbold Era comparrisons? Now I know people have lost it

It's somewhat intriguing watching a mass group work themselves up into a fanatical frenzy like this. I mean if we're throwing out Reinbold-Era comparrisons to Kelly we've definitely gone off the deep end and resorting to canabalism can't be far behind.

Has everyone forgot that we had a WORSE record at this time last year, and the only thing people were screaming at Berry for was his treatment of kickers. Seems everyone was more than happy to pardon Doug Berry for taking an Eastern Division Champion team and dropping them to a 2-8 start to the season.

Let's be realistic for just one moment. The reason MOST people hate Mike Kelly is simply because he doesn't take all the verbal abuse that is customary if you are the Head Coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Truly it's beyond me why anyone would ever want to coach here. We're the CFL's version of Philladelphia Eagles fans and Montreal Canadiens/Toronto Maple Leafs fans.

People accuse Kelly of chasing away "all our talent". This drives me crazy cause most of the guys Kelly got rid of were just weighing the team down. 80% of fans in Winnipeg wanted Glenn gone, and then Kelly does it and everyone is upset that we got rid of such a great QB, the logic on that escapes me. Of course Gauthier, Picard and Goodspeed were big losses but Bomber fans seem to ignore the fact that both Gauthier and Picard WANTED to go East to be closer to family, so it wouldn't have mattered who was making personnel decisions, the only way to have kept them around is grossly outbid every other Eastern team for them.

Goodspeed was a tough move, but Kelly wanted an All-Canadian offensive line, and a lot of Grey Cup teams have started with an All Canadian O-Line being the foundation they build on. Now if you still want to give Kelly an F on this deal I can understand that, but let's move on....

-Cam Hall....after Shabazz's Week 1 performance I think everyone forgot about this guy
-Tom highly valued that ummm....NO other CFL team has bothered to sign him
-Joe Smith....again, EXTREMELY valuable, but apparently CFL GM's don't know value, as again, NOBODY has signed him
-Kevin Glenn....after all the slamming this guy got, almost any Bomber fan claiming they don't like this move is probably lying just to get extra dirt on Kelly
-Kelly Malveaux....have we even noticed his absence in our secondary? Yeah didn't think so.
-Zeke Moreno.....another tough move, but he brought more trade value than Simpson and was more expensive than Lobendahn, this one really was just a salary cap move in my opinion.
-Stanford Samuels.....same thing as with Malveaux, has anyone even noticed he's gone?
-Jason Armstead....yeah we probably could have used his return abilities, but off-field stuff made him a question mark as to whether he'd even play this season
-Derrick Armstrong.....the guy pulled a pinhead move that would have shocked Terrell Owens and may have given himself the "Locker Room Cancer" label with his refusal to play stunt. Can you really blame Kelly for wanting to rotate him in a game when the guy had completed only a handful of practices in TC due to his knee brace? By the way who's he playing for now? Oh right...nobody, notice a trend with that?

And then there's the guys he brought in...

-Sideeq Shabazz......any complaints? Didn't think so
-Jonathan Hefny......Kelly did something Taman couldn't, find a DB who could make picks and cover receivers
-Yvenson Bernard.....couple bad rookie mistakes, but I really like him as a 1-2 punch with Reid
-Glenn January / Steve Morley....lots of problems on offense, but I don't really see the O-Line as a huge reason for it, they've been pretty solid
-Dorian good has he been subbing in for two guys with huge shoes to fill when both Brown was out early in the season and with Fred Perry out recently.
-Adarius Bowman....may not be a "homerun" receiver yet, but the guy has some really good potential and great size
-Mike Renaud....maybe he's not Jon Ryan, but he's been doing darn good, and he's not afraid to lay guys out

Yeah the Lefors Project didn't turn out, Kelly's mistake for bringing a rookie QB into a market like this, any rookie would have caved with this type of pressure. Bishop isn't the answer and Kelly has said as much, so yeah you can ask the question why hire him, and again this is probably another strike you could rack up for Kelly.

He got rid of Marshall (thank you!) and brought in Mark Nelson (BIGGER thank you), and our defense finally learned how to protect against the pass!!! And obviously the re-designed offense is a big sore spot for a lot of fans, yeah maybe Kelly should have brought in an OC, maybe Kelly shouldn't have tried running this style of offense when he didn't have the proper QB to run it, but the scheme itself I don't think is bad, I kinda like what he's doing I just think it was a bad move running it with the QB's we have right now.

The #1 reason fans hate Mike Kelly is because he speaks his mind and occasionally gives fans a bit of a shot, yet after some of the rantings I've seen from Bomber fans, anything Mike Kelly says is like playground talk compared to the way Bomber fans seem to treat most people not named Doug Brown or Milt Stegall.

But honestly, Reinbold-Era comparrisons? Give me a break lol

If I were Reinbold I'd sue for slander, being compared to this disaster.

Thanks for your comments Mr. Kelly...Your team vs last years team, at least the '08 version wasn' the laughing stock of the league!

And what did that bad Coach Doug Berry do? Oh yeah they played the Riders in the Grey Cup in 2007. Berry must be having a good chuckle as he cashes the remaining pay cheques on his contract.

Gold2k you can keep going to the games and be a Kelly supporter. Hope your not sitting beside a fan wearing a paperbag over their head that says Mike Kelly sucks. Let me know where you are sitting. I can arrange for Mickey, Donald, and bubbles to visit you. They may even give you a free hot dog. As for Reinbold, he had far more class than Kelly. At least you could talk to the man. If you can't comprehend what is occuring. You should consider seeing a shrink.

Been reading and listening to a lot of fan and media talk after Sundays game. Started thinking about what Kelly has really done wrong. Just football stuff, mind you, not the soap-opera crap which seems to bother a lot of people. My list of player changes and results is very similar to yours , blueandgold2k. Last year we had an above average offense, but the defense made me want to puke, with all the missed tackles, no ints.,no pass rush and just an all around piss poor atitude. Anyone remember? This year the D is probably the best in the league, considering time spent on the field , the O is terrible. Take away rookie player and coaching mistakes which are to be expected and the big mistake made was starting the year without an experienced QB. Everyone said get rid of Glenn , OK that was done , but I wasn't happy with the Dinwiddie release. He was here 2-3 yrs. played not bad in the GC and the guys liked and played for him. The outcome Sunday could've , would've been different. The QB situation is Kelly's biggest mistake, and it's costing us games.

See the thing with Mike Kelly isn't even the media's that he traded or released Joe Fan's sentimental favourite player, whether it was Canada, Armstrong, Glenn, Goodspeed, etc., and they were pissed. A lot of Winnipeg fans never remember the past, our defense WAS pathetic last year and yet people were apparently outraged that Greg Marshall was asked to leave....that move alone made me an instant Kelly fan! I think perhaps Mike Kelly needs to bring in somebody to be his OC. Similar to Bellicheck in New England. Who is the genius behind the New England defense, is it Dan Pees??? NO! It's BELLICHECK! But who calls the plays and coordinates that defense? Pees, does, so Bellicheck can focus on his role of Head Coach. I think that's Kelly's biggest mistake, thinking he could play GM, HC and OC. You can do GM and HC, but not all three, he gave it a shot, it really hasn't worked very well, bring in somebody to wear the headset and call the plays.

Now in retrospect, yeah keeping Dinwiddie may have been a smart move, but stuff like that will happen. It was just a bad year for Mike Kelly to step in, I mean having no REAL summer already had the locals grumpy....and I mean Bomber fans are usually grumpy to begin with. At least Mike Kelly doesn't revoke students scholarships right before school starts because he "changed his mind", yeah that's Jeff Reinbold for ya! See he can't even get it right in college

I totally comprehend what is occuring....Bomber fans are in the middle of their most beloved past time, COMPLAINING. I mean let's be honest, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers could have a season where they go 18-0, have a QB break every record around, best offense in the league, best defense in the league, they'd win the Grey Cup, and I will GUARANTEE you there would be a group of fans who would find SOMETHING or SOMEONE to complain about ALLLLLL SEASON LONNNNNG! If it's a season here or there, or a couple here or there maybe there's a point, but year after year of blasting people eventually you gotta realize it's just the way Bomber fans are! A friend once told me Bomber fans weren't as bad as Eagles fans cause we wouldn't boo Santa Claus.....he's right we wouldn't boo him, we'd throw snow balls at him and blame him for not bringing us an experienced QB!

I think the comparison are not far off. Follow the link for confirmation...

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Agreed, Kelly took on too many roles, but having an OC without an exp. QB won't work. At least Dinwiddie and Glenn could read defenses and change calls as needed. A rookie QB needs time to develop, no matter who's calling the plays. Wonder why they haven't given Worman a call ?

....Doug Berry was alright in some departments....BUT SO VERY LOUSY IN OTHERS...I don't think the fans in Wpg. will ever forget the famous comment...and here it is in case you forgot... speech to the players..'REMEMBER YOU GUYS AREN'T HERE JUST BASED ON YOUR TALENT...BUT MOSTLY BECAUSE YOU'RE THE CHEAPEST..... Yeah that was a great morale builder ...add to that the oft times 'screaming' in a players face on the sidelines....everyone watching couldn't help but cringe on those gawd awful displays....I for one, was glad to see the last of him ...His team was about to implode and head for the depths...Everyone knows he lost the locker room...he had to go..

...I am also NOT that impressed with Mike Kelly....tried to buy into his rah...rah early on...but as of today ..this team is as far away from the 'glory day Bombers' he keeps laying on us...than at anytime i can recall....He still has a little time to show us something but i won't hold my breath...

My conclusions are that the Bombers have still not found another Cal Murphy...or Mike Riley....and sure as hell haven't even come close to a Bud Grant.....and that's where it all starts.. :wink:

Im more inclined to compare Kelly with Riley,1988 Riley won a Cup with Salisbury who never had a 50% completion avg,but the team was 9-9,1990's Cup,the Bomber's had the worst ranked offense in the CFL with Burgess (except in the GC),but the D pulled that season together to give us something to remember.

Even when old #2 (my fav BB) helped get us the GC in 84 (after a 22 year wait),he wasnt known for the big play,he was a nickel and dime QB (5-10yd pass)

Kelly may be on to something,when the team has great offense,they never pull off the BIG prize,throw in a great D with no offense and they seem to win a CUP-lol

The only comparrison to the Rein man i can make is all the off field crap.