Reilly vs Nichols

And maybe get an intelligent OC.

Oh man you really want him gone, lol . Not this year I'll wait to see how it pans out . Some changes I would like is a big back like Messem to wear down a D more depth at O-line .

I guess I got what I wished for looks like the made a trade for another o-lineman I wonder if something else is in the works.

Our offence consistently falters in the second half. Eventually you have to look at the guy running the offence.

Consider some of the comments made of Nichols last year, who has performed somewhat poorly this year anyway, let's just pick this discussion up from last year why don't we?

56% completion percentage, 4 touchdowns, 5 INTs, and 1 fumble lost and he's no rookie.

I am against this decision to start Nichols. Franklin should start, and either he plays okay or then Nichols should get another chance win his job back.

And when Mike Reilly is back in September, let the chips fall where they may.

Reilly is the starter regardless when he comes back. This could be a Grey Cup year for us barring more unfortunate injuries, unless Franklin performs better than Ricky Ray when he took over from Jason Maas, Reilly is the starter. Set in stone.

As stated in the game thread after that fine performance, we'll see if Nichols can pick apart that secondary in BC. He has every opportunity to do so and shine.

When he does that, only then would I reconsider my overall view on Nichols.

Nichols is really bad on the blitz to slow to react, wouldn't surprise me if the Lions blitz on every play.

I was frustrated with his lack of awareness to throw the ball away on blitzes. Good thing Shaw is playing fantastic right now and hitting 100% completion on field goals. A+ to the defense as usual. Ill give Nichols a B. He made enough plays to win and didnt turn the ball over, however he left opportunities on the field.

I sure hope Nichols is on top of things with hot-reads, progressions, and check-downs.

I see this game as make or break for Nichols with regards to his performance whether it is a win or a loss, but if the Eskimos win a sloppy game they'll keep him on even if he is terrible.

But with a repeat performance like the last one against the Riders, well then we are in great shape.

I thought he could have done more against the leagues worst defense. The Lions D isn't all that great either now, but definitely better than SASK, I agree with you Paolo

I hope they play Franklin in BC to give him more experience. This kid could replace Reilly if I’m right. Time will tell…

We'll see, Franklin will only get playing time if we are up 17 points or more in the 4th. I like Franklin, but as I have mentioned before, his short passing game isn't good. He has put the ball in the dirt most of the time or behind receivers. I would only feel comfortable with him playing if he can actually fix what are easier throws. I think Jones see's what I see too, hence why he isn't starting yet.

As for taking over from Reilly... He has a million miles to go still. I haven't seen Franklin's jump to light-speed yet so it might take a while to cross those million miles.

From the game thread:

<blockquote>Chief wrote:
If Franklin doesn't start next week, I'm done watching the Eskimos until Reilly gets back.</blockquote>

I was going to disagree with you again on this, but now I am going to agree.

And why not Franklin on the road against Montreal where the chips are against us anyway? Worse case we bench Farmer and Nichols plays in the second half right?

Nichols is a god damn joke. How on Earth you can't lead your GOD DAMN TEAM to at least a FIELD GOAL in the second half is BEYOND ME!!!!!! #&(&%&@&**(@&%^@%^@&#&^(@#(*^@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saying my grandma could do a better job would be a disgrace to her because im comparing her to what Nichols can (or can't) do! :x :x :x :x

Well I think Nichols is done now. See the thread on Franklin. And I hope Reilly is back against Calgary on Labour Day Weekend and then this thread is dead.