Reilly vs Nichols

It should be an interesting year if Nichols can stay healthy. The two have somewhat contrasting styles and IMO give the Eskimos their best one two combo at Qb, since Wilkinson/Lemmerman or maybe Dunnigan/Allen.

The Ray / Maas combo wasn't bad either, but you are right that the current group could prove a good compliment to each other.

I would have include Ray/Maas but I found that their styles were fairly similar not contrasting to the extent of the other tandems.

Wilkinson and Moon, not Lemmerman I don't think Lemmerman was an Eskimo for all that long and only had 1 year that he played that well .

Bruce Lemmerman played for the Eskimos from 1971-1979 and has 5 Grey Cup rings to show for it.

Here are his career stats not really impressive.

Games Played and Passing
Year Team GP PA PC % Yds TD Int Sacked Yds
1971 EDM 7 145 73 50.3 1055 8 11 3 25
1972 EDM 3 60 34 56.6 541 7 4 3 32
1973 EDM 16 257 153 59.5 1851 14 16 4 39
1974 EDM 16 140 68 48.5 858 4 10 4 30
1975 EDM 16 170 97 57 1402 8 6 1 5
1976 EDM 16 354 189 53.3 2271 13 18 6 52
1977 EDM 16 219 117 53.4 1475 5 6

1978 EDM 1 38 23 60.5 294 1 2 2 22
1980 HAM 8 112 62 55.4 775 3 10 11 71
Year Team TC Yds Avg TD Long
1971 EDM 26 87 3.3 2 21
1972 EDM 12 39 3.3 3 15
1973 EDM 36 95 2.6 1 13
1974 EDM 9 26 2.9 0 7
1975 EDM 19 61 3.2 1 11
1976 EDM 24 137 5.7 0 18
1977 EDM 18 5 0.3 1 14
1978 EDM 5 -5 -1 0 2
1980 HAM 6 26 4.3 0 16

When you consider much of the number 2 or 1a quarterbacks playing time is either mopping up or coming in to try and perform miracles, stats do not tell the whole story. If the guy comes off the bench when the team is behind, there is a higher likelihood that he will have to go with low percentage plays to try to get back in the game. On the other side, when coming in when ahead, the Qb will often be told to try only high percentage plays often hand-offs to protect the lead. Stats on back up or number 2 Qb's are a poor barometer to their actual value. But as the saying goes; "Statistics are for losers". With 5 Grey Cup rings, Lemmerman was definately not a loser.

I was fortunate to have had many chances to watch the Lemmerman/Wilkinson show prior to being transfered to Calgary in 1981. Trust me I was there and it was a great show.

When the SMS went into place in the mid 2000's teams were unable to pay and carry 2 starting QBS like they did in the past with veterans like Allen and others being able to continue playing with the lure of a decent contract. Since the second SMS in 2010 the teams that were able to develop more than one QB are beginning to pay off. As a top back up was lost or signed the next man up was very inexperienced. Now you can see Nichols and likley Harris, Masoli, or Mitchel able to step in or take over for a good QB and less of having no choice but to sign a Kevin Glenn type. The kind of corner the BC Lions got backed up into last year with Demarco and Montreal with Marsh.
Edm would be comfortable with Nichols having to play. CAL the same with Tate. IMO I think that Harris and Masoli will be able to do the job as well.
If Durant gets injured the riders will be sunk like BC and Montreal were last year.
600K plus in the Cap will allow for a bit more pay for a good #2

Me too and met Wilkinson and Lemmerman at a kids camp in Edmonton as well as Estay and Fennell 76 was his best year but I think it was 77 when the blow out in MTL happened Lemmerman was on a bit of a hot streak but they chose to start Wilkinson instead but to be honest I don't remember to much more from Lemmerman then that

Nichols looked good tonight, but I’d still rather have Reilly. He has heart, and that’s not something you can coach. No matter the circumstances, Reilly always puts the team on his shoulders.

Nichols played very well but Reilly has solidified his spot as the starter. It does give EDM two very good young QBs and should Reilly have to be out for some games a lot of confidence in Nichols is there. That is big for the players and coaches to not have to hesitate if Nichols needs to start knowing that he gives them a great chance to win as well

On a side note Crompton was odd man out and he played very well for the Als. Also looking very comfortable behind center coming in the second qtr.

For sure. It's nice to finally have some stability at QB. :thup: And good news: According to, it doesn't sound like Reilly's injury is serious.

So what's the story with Reilly? He's he fit for the next game?

Sounds like he’ll be ready for the LDC.

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Nichols looked good against the Argo's I did think he was a little apprehensive when running the ball but I can't blame him. I also like the play package they have for White. With all 3 QB's in the rotation with their own set of plays it gives a lot of teams with a lot to think about. I'm so impressed with the turn around of this organization . :thup:

I will say Nichols played well considering he is a back up, but dont forget that he didnt do anything in the second half to move the ball, especially in the third quarter. Our defense scored two TD's as well, Lawrence scored on a 61 yard TD and Guyton caught a 2 yard pass and turned it into a long TD. Not to take away from Nichols, but you definitely want Reilly back for Labour Day as I dont think he is as great as what you all think him to be.

How much of it was Nichols and how much was McAdoo? You said yourself that McAdoo is a problem.

As you guys can see, there is no Reilly vs Nichols. Nichols is nothing compared to Reilly, what a frustrating, incompetent offense to watch without Reilly, and even with Reilly it can be unbearable to witness. Defense isnt doing anything either today. Fuck sakes. :x

I'll give the D a pass, you can't be on the field all game , offence let us down today. Would I put this all on Nichols NO other holes need filled especially the O-line I think we need to make a couple of trades to sort that out.