Reilly signs 3 yr deal @$500,000+ per, incl. $200,000 bonus

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pretty big contract for @EdmontonEsks QB Mike Reilly. 3 years, $200 K signing bonus and salary in year 2 and 3 north of $500 k

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I think Collaros will follow suit soon

So is he now the highest paid player in the league?

interesting take from Nik Lewis...

Nik Lewis ?@nikel18
@garylawless @EdmontonEsks the highest paid qb on each team shouldn't count towards the cap.
They live different lives from rest of team

If that were to ever happen, the QB salary should have its own cap, or some teams will spend stupid money on QBs

Nice pay day for Mr. Reilly. I’m glad to have the heart and soul locked up. I hope he stays healthy though.

It's kind of amazing that Edmonton always seems to find great QBs (then trade them to Toronto).

Wally Buono likely regrets trading Reilly to Edmonton .

"Edmonton inked Mike Reilly to a three-year contract extension on Thursday. Reilly’s new deal gives him $250,000 up front and he took less in 2015 to help keep the corps of the team together. That said, at the time of signing, No. 13 is set be the highest paid player in the CFL for the 2017 and 2018 seasons at over $500,000 per year. "

In 2017 and 2018 he will be making almost twice as much as his Head Coach. :cowboy:

Justin Dunk
Jason Maas head coach contract with #Eskimos: 3 years and averages in $275,000 - $280,000 range. Salary on par with first-year HCs. #CFL

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I have been saying that for a long time especially now that almost every team is making money, there should be a franchise player exemption under the cap.

Each year, the cap increases by $50K and it’s all going to go to QBs

wow...highest paid QB, highest paid WR...almost 750 right there.

As far as Lewis's has little merit. Compare to the is the same thing...last year the top 20 paid players are QBs...Calvin Johnson comes in at #21. Proven QBs are going to take the biggest hit out of the cap because they are the most critical player on the team...when you have one standout employee they get the highest portion of pay. Not sure how this is complicated. Also as someone mentioned...that would cause stupid contracts.

I think Reilly's salary of $500,000 kicks in next year.
So If I'm Bowman I do not think I'd be counting my salary for 2017 quite yet.

No contract is assured, but his is signed through 2017

Indeed. We’d be back in marquee player territory. No thanks.

That takes away from the purpose of a cap in the first place. As things stands, now Edmonton has to figure out which position will need to be affected by putting so many eggs in the Reilly basket.

Not saying it's a bad move, mind you...

then why not have a separate cap exclusively for QBs?
say in the neighborhood of $750,000 max?

this way, the overall combined CAP for both non-QB's + QB's will only increase by $250,000-$300,000 in total yet will provide a small but much needed 5%-6% increase in salaries for the grunts and rookies who will retain their own cap but without the inclusion of QB salaries which can take up 10% of an entire cap.

Because it won't work? In any capped system, the most in-demand players get most of the money. Right now that's the QB at #1, followed by people like star receivers or top Canadian talent.

If you remove the QBs and put them in a separate cap, two things happen:

  1. Most of the starting QBs will be paid near that cap, as backup QBs can't command much of anything most of the time and there's nowhere else that money can be spent. If you need to spend $700k to lock up your guy and the cap hit affects nothing else, you're going to do it.

  2. The current second tier people in the cap will become the top tier people, and they'll be the ones commanding the big raises instead. If an all star Canadian lineman becomes available, teams are not going to say "gee, I'm not going to bid on him in order to pay my special teams rookie players more."

This is fundamental economics. In a capped market, most of the money goes to whoever is in the most demand within that market. Guys at the bottom have no real power in negotiations over salary, whereas teams are competing for guys at the top. Changing which guys are at the top affects nothing.

The only way to ensure more money for the guys at the bottom is to raise the minimum.

James Franklin devrait se trouver facilement une autre équipe à la fin de la saison.

or to change the quota system and/or have separate caps for Nationals and Internationals.