Reilly shines for Lions despite surprise start

CALGARY — After getting the nod for the surprise start minutes before kickoff against the Calgary Stampeders in Week 2, Michael Reilly completed 79 per cent of his passes for 342 yards to help lead the BC Lions to a 15-9 win. The 36-year-old also scored a one-yard rushing touchdown while playing all four quarters for the first time this season.

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Awe isn't Campbell and the lions so sneaky ,awe they just keep all the fans guessing and on edge .Whatever happened to the rule about the starters must be submitted 24 hours before game time or whatever it is ? How can people take the CFL seriously for those who bet and when it comes into effect for single game wagering in Canada ? The league better address this situation before the betting starts ,and even now on proline and online betting ,common CFL let's get this crap straightened out


The poor Calgary Stampeders are 0-2 how many people are heartbroken ? My guess would be NOBODY lol,How about Bo throwing for FOUR interceptions and ZERO TDs those numbers just make me smile lol

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Well... this was surprising I must say. After last weeks alarming lame duck throws he comes right back to upset heavy favourite Stampeders. Kind of shocked, but in a really good way.


Yes I am saddened by the events last two weeks but still hopeful Dave Dickenson will get the herd moving again. Mitchell certainly needs to improve his performance but then he does have O'Connor if Dickenson needs him. (Seems something is bothering Bo Levi Mitchell)
Glad you are happy though ! You gloating must be because of your jealousy over the last decade of the Stamps success. Don't fret setbacks happen to all teams. And setbacks are temporary !

Was that ever a rule? It wouldn't make sense because the limitation would only be that the designated starting QB has to play the first snap. Any time after that, the backup can come in.

A 46-man game roster has to be submitted 24 hours before the game, though.

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I've never seen starters enforced to start ever.

Last week, Braeden Lenius was listed as starter. He goes on the field for the first play from scrimmage, the coaches change the package, he comes off for Awachie. Who started? Should we fine the Riders? No one cares.

Besides, starting is overrated at almost every position. All it means is that you were on the field for the first snap. Who cares?

If you ask me, the 12 starters are the guys on the kickoff team. It's meaningless.

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As a Stampeders' fan I can now honestly say I completely understand how you and all your team's fans, have felt for, what, a decade at least? LOL. (Maybe this year we can go .500 and win the Cup. LOL.)

Good point.

Have some cheese with your wine. Take the league seriously? If you don't, that's your problem, not the league's. All the NFL wannabes aren't going to be following this situation. The Lions were quite clear. Reilly is a fierce competitor. I'm all for betting if it brings more revenue, but don't really care if betters get thrown curveballs.

Reilly has won me over. Coming from Edmonton (strike one) when we hired a grade-eight head coach (strike two) made it hard for me to warm up to him. He is a warrior and a leader, and has a deadpan sense of humour. The QB position is so vital, and I'm glad we have a good one. COYL!

He is such a warrior how did he do in the playoffs in 2019 ? Lol Lions will be going NOWHERE again this year and for years to come lol

The Lions won 4 games in a row down the stretch HANDILY. Then Reilly broke his wrist. If he hadn't been injured BC may very well have been in the East semi instead of Edmonton.