Reilly Out Indefinitely

Reilly out indefinitely in the wake of the hit to the head by hit by Argo defensive end Cleyon Laing. I have to feel sorry for the guy. He's been a real warrior all season and the best player in Edmonton. Guy can't catch a break. Maybe the Eskimos at 3-10 should just sideline him for the rest of the season, look to next season. No real reason to have the guy come back in a few weeks if he's cleared to play and put him in a position to get hurt again. I don't want to sound negative but it's not like the Eskimos are going far this season anyway.

Get well soon Reilly.

I read this article earlier today. Sounds like his season is done.

Even though I'm an Argo fan, I'm not happy about this. The hit was late. The protocols for protecting players needs to improve.

Agree with you.
Reilly is a good and tough QB, I hope he comes back stronger next year.

Damn shame,guy was having a breakout year.

Here's hoping for a full recovery. Take a long as you need Mike, this kind of injury is too serious to rush.

Let’s see if I have this right:

BC: Lulay out for several weeks.
Calgary: Tate hasn’t started since the early going; Glenn has missed a couple.
Edmonton: Nichols out since training camp; Reilly out indefinitely.
Saskatchewan: Durant missed a start.
Winnipeg: Buck. Nuff said.
Hamilton: Burris has started every game.
Toronto: Ray out for several weeks.
Montreal: Calvillo on the 9-game.

Yes. What you said.

It is so obvious that the problem is the lack of protection from the “O” lines - if you look at what happened the other night when Joseph came into the game, he was given ZERO protection. There is not enough NI talent out there to give protection. The the import ratio must be increased and the NI ratio dropped by at least two. Teams need to protect their QBs and the “O” line is the one weak area for most CFL teams right now, the talent is sorely lacking. Teams have to meet the NI ratio and they are forced to fill the non-talent positions like the “O” line.
Next year when the non import numbers are increased it’s going to be even more difficult to fill rosters. The CFL must drop the NI ratio and increase the “I” s by at least two next season.

Right you are mike; I cannot recall a season with such poor play from so many teams' offensive lines. Can't say myself what the solution is.

Hamilton: Burris has started every game…behind the O-Line that has given up the MOST sacks in the league this year…Unbelievable!!! Hank is currently the oldest starting Q.B. in the league still playing and with well over 50+ sacks on him,he’s the only Q.B. who hasn’t missed a start all season.Go Figure??? Makes no sense to me that they haven’t scrapped him off the field with a spatula yet.A lot of those sacks are Hank’s own fault,but he has taken a pounding this season,averaging between 4 to 5 sacks per game. I’m actually surprised that Reilly lasted as long as he did,I wish him all the best,he has shown to be tough as nails and resilient all year long.If the Esks can figure out their O-Line situation to better protect him next year,they will be a team to watch out for in the very near future.

If the league were to increase the number of starting imports, and I’m assuming that’s what you mean here, from 16 to 18, do you believe that teams would use these extra two imports on the offensive line? Or would they simply leave the offensive line alone and use those additional imports at the receiver position? With only five non-imports to slot in, I’m thinking most teams would still go with three or even four NIs on the o-line, one at safety, and if required,a fullback / tight end. So much for ever seeing another Canadian receiver in the league.

If, on the other hand, you mean to just increase the number of import roster spots from 19 to 21, increasing the number of designated imports from 3 to 5, I’m not sure this would do much. Teams would still need to have enough non-import backups for the seven non-import starters, including the one or two backup offensive linemen. All this would do is allow teams to use import kickers more, and decrease the number of non-import linebackers / special team specialists (e.g. Hamilton’s Beswick).

You aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. How is an illegal hit after the play from behind the fault of the Oline ? How is Golfer’s elbow (repetitive strain injury) to Tate the fault of the Oline. How is Nichols getting caught in the turf running for a touchdown the fault of the Oline ?

Teams aren’t forced to use Non Imports on the Oline. In fact Edmonton uses or have used two imports most of the time. The best oline in the league most years is Montreal and they use all Non Imports. You must be one of those old Florida Snowbirds who tries to look cool to Americans by knocking everything Canadian but come up to Canada to use public health care.


Stick to the debate and STOP the personal attacks, I thought you were better than that. It seems that you take a hissy fit like a child when someone disagrees with your opinion. One thing I never do is attack someone for their opinion!!

It's MY opinion that the "O" lines on most teams are weak, whether or not Joseph was blind sided or he didn't see the hit coming he didn't have help from his "O" line. I think the reason why so many starting QBs are down is because they are not getting the protection from their "O" lines, it's a weak link in the CFL and with a new team coming in next year it will only get worse.

But as I asked previously, is it your opinion that teams would use the extra imports, either starters or roster (not sure which you are recommending), on the offensive line?

My opinion is that they would not, that they would use them at the “skills” positions. My reasoning is that by eliminating an entire position from using non-imports, which could be done by most teams with two more import receivers, teams actually free up more than the two spots by also eliminating the need for non-import backups. They could still use them, but wouldn’t have to. And I can see teams jumping at this opportunity.

Teams aren’t “forced” to use NI at the “O” line. They choose to do so out of laziness and habit. The teams that are smart about identifying, recruiting and utilizing NI talent use them at ALL positions.

A continuing trend to lower the number of NI starters will only lead to the eventual change of the CFL to an official farm-league of the NFL with ever-rotating talent, no incentive to develop Canadian football at ANY level, and a loss of local player connections with fans.

Increasing the number of non-imports and forcing the CFL to ensure better player development in Canada is the way to go.

…it’s widely known that Gott and Deane won’t let him tee off from the reds…

It’s from playing too much with these two guys :lol:

Cleyon Laing should get a suspension for that hit. It's clear that the QB is tangled up and is going down, and while Riley should have gone down sooner, the second man in, I can understand, but he's the third guy on the scene.

He got a fine.

Same thing Durant got for being mean to a jerk on Twitter.

Shows you how seriously player safety is taken in the CFL.

fines rarely get appealed, suspensions do, and generally the player wins.

It sucks that he is out and all, but let’s be honest…it was a matter of time. How often on this board have people talked about the punishment that he puts himself through? How often was he compared to Buck in not wanting to slide on TSN? He is a superb QB, but he is playing every game like he is down by 5 with 2 minutes left in the GC in the final game of his career.

Yes, I realize he took a bad hit, but he brought on so much wear on his body himself…I am entirely convinced this was at minimum his second concussion this season. I am failing to recall the specific game that he was wobbly, got to the sideline, and could barely open his eyes in the sunlight.

And that’s the heart of the problem with CFL discipline.

They need to take fire to that provision in the CBA negotiations. It’s good for nobody except the player doing the injuring.