Reilly out for 12 weeks

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Medical tests have confirmed Eskimos quarterback Mike Reilly sustained a torn posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), a partially torn medial collateral ligament (MCL) and a medial meniscal tear in his left knee. Estimated recovery time is approximately 10-12 weeks.

Reilly sustained the injury during the fourth quarter of last Saturday's season-opener against the Toronto Argonauts in Ft. McMurray.[/b]

This is not good for the CFL. I hope Nichols can carry the Eskies.

Not a great week 1 at all. Reilly out 12 weeks, Swayze out 4-6, Durant gone for season, both Montreals QB suffer injury and Ricky Ray was already on the DL. Has to get better from here.

It’s unbelievable really, never seen a season start out with so many big names either already out or getting knocked out in game #1 . Just speaking for my Cats as an example so far we have lost dt-Brian Bulcke,dt-Linden Gaydosh,rb-Mossis Madu and wr-Spencer Watt for the season and also had 6 other starters miss the season opener in rb-CJ.Gable,rb-Nic Grigsby,db-Rico Murray,de-Eric Norwood,wr-Steve Tasker and ot-Joel Figueroa.
The team has an additional 11 other players all either on the 1 gm or 6 gm. Let’s hope that week #2 in the CFL is kinder to all involved because the league as a whole can’t afford to have the big stars miss the season or a good portion of the season due to injuries.

was going to say that maybe they should switch to flag, but all things being equal, DD's at least would have happened anyhow

Feel for Reilly, that’s unfortunate.

Yeah, me too, but probably not gonna happen. Maybe they can work that kid from Northern Illinois into the offensive scheme enough to keep things interesting. If they continue to play like they did against Toronto, it won't matter anyway. They got schooled from top to bottom.

This totally sucks, after last season I was so hyped about this year. The team couldn't have looked worse in week 1 then this happens. It really sucks.
In this QB driven league to have 4 of it's starters out in a 9 team league is a devastating start to the season. Maybe QB's salaries shouldn't count against the cap so teams can entice better QB's to play here. But all this has me so bummed out to what I thought was going to be a great year.

May be a silver lining for the Eskies. They played so badly last week that now with their starting QB out it may be a wake up to get their act together and start playing ball. You could roll the talent of a Lancaster, Flutie and Moon into one QB and he couldn’t have saved the disaster that took the field in green and gold in Ft Mac last Saturday.

They need to show up and realize the pre season…it’s over.

I am glad that he is not done, for the season. Looked pretty bad...

Look on the bright side of it . This will give some QBs a chance to show what they can do. Instead of only getting mop up time or holding a clip board for an entire season. This is how Jeff Garcia got his chance, after Flutie went down for a Month or two in the 95 season.

My take on that game was that the Argo Offensive and Defensive lines were better than Edmonton's, and the old saying is the Team that controls the Line of Scrimmage controls the game. Mike Reilly is one of my favourite players in the League, as he's a real gamer. But his injury may give this young QB Franklin his chance to shine. He looks like an up and coming Star in the League IMO. I imagine Nichols and Lynch will get their chance first, but eventually the cream always rises to the top.

Argos played well, especially the D, but I felt the offense lack a killer instinct. Almost 500 yards offense and they only managed 22 offensive points. Losing Swayze hurt but not that much. They played far better than I expected and a good team effort overall, but that doesn't excuse Edmonton for not showing up.

I'm not willing to crown Harris as the next great QB based on a game against a team that barely made an appearance. Plus his 347 yards are difficult to quantify. Was it all him or was it the new flag football rules receivers play with or a little of both? We need a few more weeks of play to see how the new rule affect passers numbers across the league. Not to knock his play but that will determine whether he had a good game or a great game.

Last, just because Edmonton was a no show doesn't mean an automatic win for the boatmen. The Argos still had to show up and play which they did. As the game went the result was equal parts Toronto performance and Edmontons poor performance that resulted in the final score.

This is GOOD news. It's only 12 weeks. The exact same play happened to DeMarco last season and it was year ending. After watching Reilly's leg bend the wrong way I find it VERY encouraging that they expect to have him back to lead them into and through the playoffs! And I am so glad that they expect him to recover and entertain us for years to come! :thup:

Yeah, I also had high expectations. But the Reilly injury aside, my optimism went bye-bye when we took almost 30 penalties, including an incredibly dumb one by the HC. I don't care that it was a missed call by the officials. Chris Jones shouldn't have thrown that flag, especially after all the other penalties. He needs to lead by example. I hope Hervey tore him a new one for that flag. And I'm glad the Esks are off this week. They can work on playing disciplined football.