REILLY is the best QB hands down in the CFL-

Fans you can thank WALLY BUONO for releasing arguably the best passing QB in this league---

Mike Reilly? What more can you say about this guy--

He oozes confidence and ability- Give this guy an O LINE and a real RUNNING Game and watch out-- This man is the next DOUG FLUTIE--

MIKE REILLY has the best arm I have seen in the CFL in years- He is tough as concrete- He is a leader- he is a warrior- He wont quit- He wont slide--

Edmonton fans you are LUCKY to have this guy on your team- You have clearly the best player in the CFL IMO--

This guy my friends is a suberb athlete---

Way to go MIKE- Keep it up----

When they can replace KAVIS REED and GREG MARSHALL and get rid of SAMS I think EDMONTON will start to win some GREY CUPS wtih REILLY--

This guy is so exciting to watch on TV- I can just see the way he throws the ball- This guy can throw the ball to any spot on the field and can stretch the field like I have not seen- I have not seen a quicker release and a more confident QB--

THANK WALLY BUONO for gifting him to you-- ENJOY THIS QB- He is the #1 player in the CFL

Let's just hope we don't get him killed first

Today Reilly was like RAMBO, he was bleeding, his arms were cut, his body was bruised, he was tackled, he was beaten, he was hit hard, he was slammed to the ground--

Every series he came in, you could see a guy who became tougher as the game went on, he became like a boxer in the late rounds, his adrenalin was pumping, he was ready to fight-- he stood in the pocket fearless, he was willing to take a hit unlike any cfl qb i have seen in years--

He was in survival mode all game and kept fighting- he had no quit in him- he willed the team to start a miraculous turnaround late in the game- He was fearless and was bleeding and kept fighting all game long--

Give this guy some time and some good receivers- He is connecting well with STAMPS and KOCH and COEHORN- Give him another 2 good imports and a running game and watch out--

The corner RAHMABUKA is the worst corner in the CFL- Every team attacks this guy- he has no business being on the field- even at wideside corner he is getting burned easily- When PRICE blew right by him at wideside corner it showed how weak Rahabuka is.

...PS - great almost-comeback esks, should be a rocking show in your stad on thursday

He was never released...he was traded. He was going into Free Agency and traded.

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Yep, that happens on a pick play that the refs don't call all afternoon. The kid was scared to ply tight to him after the first terrifyingly bad call put Calgary on the goal line. He's just a rookie - not a terrible player. That position requires experience, and you can't get that on the bench.

We need to get a lead once in a while to allow these guys field time and time with the veterans helping them get better.

out with a concussion