Reid, Volny done for the year

The running game of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers got a double whammy on Monday with news that Fred Reid and Carl Volny are out for the season with knee injuries.

Both players suffered torn anterior cruciate ligaments in their knees during Saturday's loss to the Toronto Argonauts.

Huge loss to lose both guys. Big opportunity for Garrett. Plus the new guy tweeting he's arriving in Winnipeg, Bloi-Dei Dorzon, could not be coming in at a more opportune time for him. If he can get somewhat up to speed in the next couple of days he has a chance to get on the field right away in some capacity.

in 25 years of following the CFL I don't think I've seen two running backs go down with ACL injuries in one game... that turf at skydome is really scary... there has been an unusual number of those types of injuries there.

.....The argos need to move into a facility that is both smaller and has decent turf....Lapo says it's like playing in a shopping mall...They also have that added 'hazey touch' sometimes and it must be tough to breathe .. Place is a health hazard..Tough way for Fred to end the year...Injuries like that, this late in his career could mark the end......Volny is a future star with this club...He looked better than Reid on the carries he had...Just has to learn to hold on to the ball...Next Jon Cornish mark my words...He'll be back with his cousin Poblah next year...100 percent and ready to go...Great young ni talent :thup: ...Garrett is the replacement for Reid but no ni back for Volny....UNLESS Pontbriand gets slotted in...Now here's another kid who has a lot of potential but greener than grass...We'll have some shuffling to do....Could confuse the hell out of the Als.... :lol:

They'll have to dress a NI at another position to replace Volny on the roster, at least in the short term. Just not enough time and quality NI FA RBs available to get ready for such a big game like Friday's.

maybe they'll dress Greaves and then get the bright idea to play him instead of Morley. I can't see any way he'd be worse. Morley just isn't very good.

(I know they won't but I can hope)

Greaves might get the start but sounds like LaBatte could be out meaning Greaves draws in and Sorenson probably gets promoted to the active roster as the backup Olineman.