REHIRE: Greg Marshall ASAP

Corey Chamblin your days are numbered! your Defensive philosophy is what? one game let the tigers loose Baggs and Hickman then the next game tie them up I don't get it ? Time for a big change we like our D in the Hammer to be like the Mosca, Montford or Covington days Blue collar steeltown tough. We want to be the sack kings and DEMAND IT! A great D and a good Offense is what does it in the Hammer ......

At safety we are a total joke we have nobody back there worth the S**hit, Other Teams know and dissect us on a regular basis. I miss the Rob Hitchcock days where we had a safety that the whole league feared and he brought the wood every game, this revolving door and shuffling the roster is wrong and it has to stop what is your real game plan or do you really have one? try this try that, stop the experiments now.

There is a very good coach sitting at home, bring him home! where he belongs :thup:

And the other Greg Marshall in London, was at the game yesterday in London, looks awesome but he won't be coming back to Hamilton, he has a super position with the Stangs. The man in charge in the Forest City.

The Greg Marshall who started the season in Regina, will continue to receive his HC salary from the Roughriders through the end of the 2013 season. While he may well return to work somewhere, sometime before then, in an arrangement that relieves the Riders of some, if not all, of their commitment I wouldn't hold much hope of that happening anytime soon.

his defence was no better. I will stick with the new philosophy. We just need time. We have new rookie co-ordinators give it some time

This is the starting point for discussion, I believe.

Do you want a pressure defense or a bend-but-not-break defense?
Then you choose the right coordinator.

How do you choose the style of defense? The options:

  • Tradition in your city
  • Preference of the head coach
  • Matching the "D" to the players on the team.

You really do need the right players for each system.
Do we have them?
Did we switch to a pressure D to accommodate the type of players that we have?
If so, why isn't it working?

I don't know the answer.

Like any other entertainment product in Hamilton, or any other service wanting my cash, I'm to the point I don't really care about the names involved behind the scenes....entertain me and I'll come !...if not, I'll find something else to occupy my time

...that's reality ! 8)

I remember fans complaining on this same forum that Marshall’s defence included DBs sitting too far off the receivers and therefore not being able to prevent many passes. Our 2010 defensive rankings went as follows:

Fewest passes completed 7th
Most interceptions 6th
Average yards offence per game 7th
fewest first downs passing 8th
fewest first downs 8th
Average gain per pass 7th

If your frustration is with our pass defence, Cats99, these stats from last season and Greg Marshall’s designs don’t show any better. Not sure he’s the solution…

Chamblin or Marshall: the bottom line is you have a proven stud in Baggs, and should let him do what he does best,as Belli said on the radio, such as Winnipeg let Odell do his thing. You then work around it to maximize the results. You do not take away the strengths of Baggs in order to conform to a defensive theory on paper that clearly only works on occassion. Marshall did use Baggs buf if Chamblin has half a noodle, he will make the adjustments for the rest of the year, or he truly deserves to be run out of town.

Also, whatever happened to smashmouth football, as last I recall, football was not finesse, but violent and with intimidation. Mosca mentioned on Saturday at book signing that there is something to be said to taking a carefully planned 15 yard roughing penalty early in a game, when the other team is deep in their zone, just to send a message that the defence is coming, they will hit hard, and are prepared to take a 15 yard penalty do deliver a hard violent shot. Not stupid emotional retaliation penalties which we take too many of, but the well designed hit that has worked to hinder AC, Pierce and others. Where is the Mosca, Vince Scott, Zambiasi, Montford, even Belli, who would do it. Hell, sportsmanship is nice in figure skating and cricket, but if one can intimidate and frighten the opponent, the battle is half won.

Marshall seemed to believe in that , he played that way, so that is why he is well liked in Hamilton, it is a Hamilton style of football. HOwever, his defensive schemes also were not fool proof, to much bend but don't break.

Summary: why not combine the attributes of both?

Great idea, I would love to see two Greg Marshalls in the CFL ...................and two teams named RoughRiders