Regular Seasons over Bring On the ARGOS

With the reg season over and done my focus turns to next sunday and the ARGOS. i think this will be better then any Labour Day Game EVER. The argos looked good today against montreal BUT i think we will manhandle them it what should be a sold out VERY loud NEVER WYNNE STADIUM FOR THE ARGOS THIS YEAR

I am not as optimistic as you. the Argo's have looked better then us the last couple weeks. They should have beat Mtl the last 2 weeks in a row. Hope I am wrong but I think it is going to be alot closer than we want.

it dont matter how close it is as long as we WIN by 1 my friend

Bring your garbage bag rain coats folks because its calling for rain, and you don't want to get Argo blood on your nice ti-cat gear. :lol: :thup:

rain or shine ill be there NO MATTER WHAT BUT a lil snow would be nice after all this is CANADIAN FOOTBALL

Excuse me. It may be playoff exuberance, but this is a family chatroom where we don't use dirty words like "Arg_s". If you wish to make mention of the CFL football team that plays in that taxpayer built/Rogers raided concrete convertible baseball stadium it is acceptable to use: blue team, Evil Incarnate, Shipwrecks, or the football team equivalent to that piece of gum that got stuck to my shoe while walking around a pile of horse droppings outside a devil worshipping men's grooming salon deep in the bowels of Hogtown.

Just a wild guess here, but I'm thinking Mr. Cleo Lemon is not a proven performer in winter conditions. (Born in Mississippi, college in Arkansas, NFL stints in Miami, San Diego & Jacksonville - couldn't ask for a better pedigree.) Hopefully Glenn's years of experience in the Manitoba tundra pay off for us.

I agree EXPAT the lemon is gonna rot due to poor weather conditions!

I don't see losing 2 in a row to finish the year as a problem.
we won 3 in a row to finish the season last year and still lost to BC

I have a feeling we will be playing Montreal in the Eastern Final

As for the weather for Nov.14
according to the 'weather network'
variable clouds
20% p.o.p
perfect fall football weather!!

I'll be there rain or shine..CAN'T WAIT!!!

Yeeeee Hawwwwww.

I'm pretty stoked about the game too Ticatbill!!

I will hope for the best (we thrash them) while I prepare for the worst (a close battle with several lead changes) but in the end I expect we will be victorious. For after all, nobody blows like the arrrrrrgoooooooos!

A suggestion for the fans in Box H:

Make a large sign for the rail just behind the Shipwrecks bench that says "GOOFS" with a giant arrow pointing down!!!

i dunno if that words appropriate but im sure they will here alot of other stuff from everywhere in the stadium.
Come on hamilton jump on board and support this team LETS RIDE TO VICTORY

This is the best team we have had in years, we have the best linebacking corps in the league along with an awesome front 4,On offence we are led by Kevin Glenn, the best QB we had had since Danny Mac,also we have AB3, Dave Stalla, Mann, McDaniels, Thigpen and a good offensive line on offence. This team has potential to go a long way and I’m sure Coach Marcell and Coach Marshall will have these guys ready for Sundays game. 3 MORE WINS!!! :rockin:

well said grover i agree

Why now? Why not last Saturday? Why not the week before? Why not Week 1 in Winnipeg?

The last time we hosted the argoofs for the eastern semi final game was 1999.
We all know how that turned out.
We went on to win the Grey Cup led by Danny Mac.
Lets hope history will repeat itself. :thup:

All together Now!!!!

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