Regular Season Record 14-4?

I'd say it means a lot.

But we're not going 16-2. Too many things can happen over the course of a season.

I'd be very happy with 14-4, meaning an 8-2 finish. Even that is asking a lot. 13-5 is still very good.

12-6, while a strong improvement over 2014, starts to get troubling because it means a 6-4 finish when our toughest road games are behind us. Going 6-4 in the last 10 games would mean a fairly sharp fall-off from recent performance, likely losing the close games, or possibly more key injuries. We need to have good momentum headed into the playoffs.

and many more before that!
Im just saying, its not like we're running away with the east or anything.

@slim jim - If you are talking about remaining teams vs the Ticats, they are finished with the Bombers for the season (only two games vs each western opponent) and have just one remaining with the Riders here. I think the toughest home game will be vs Calgary as they seem to be playing better. However the Ticats will be very motivated I think to show the GC Champs how nasty playing at THF really is and how hard it is to win.

@Blogskee - I too can't really see where the Ticats are likely to lose another game although winning through to the end of the season does seem like a really long shot. However they have just come off a series of 4 6-day weeks in a row in strong fashion. No doubt they will give up a game or two but I'm not just sure when or where (hopefully not at THF). Given their lackluster (so I've heard - didn't see the game unfortunately) performance in Montreal, I think they will be very motivated to come out of there with a W. Anyway, I am enjoying the ride along with other fans. It's great to see the team playing the way (actually even better than) I had thought they could and would. :smiley:

Winnipeg - where the Ticats have won EVERY game they have played there - maybe thanks to some luck on the rafters placed there by a Hamilton steel worker during construction! :wink: :smiley:

I agree with Crash and others, let's not get ahead of ourselves. We're playing very well, but that doesn't mean we'll play every game equally well or that our opponents will play poorly against us. Any team can have a good game at any time, so it never pays to take anything for granted. The Argos will be particularly tough. They have the same record as the Ticats, and have done this without their #1 QB playing a down this season. If we win 7 of the next 10 I'll be very happy.

Call me crazy but I hope that there are a few close games in the mix during the 2nd half of the season. IMO while it's great that we are blowing out opponents at a regular rate, it could be a detriment if we get to accustomed to it and expect it. I'm sure I don't have to remind everyone about what happened in "81" when we cruised to an 11-4-1 record and cruised past the Riders in regular season games by scores of 47-10 and 30-16 only to lose to them in a close Eastern Final by a 17-13 score. I do think that this team will probably best the "98" team record of 12-5-1 and have the best season record in Cat history,but a few tight games will keep the team level headed and help keep the competitive edge up for the play-offs.

Now don't get me wrong here, I'm enjoying these blowouts as much as the next fan but winning a few tight ones down the stretch will be fine as well. Remember a win by 30 points or a win by 3 points still counts for the same 2 pts in the standings.
The team has learned to win big ,no doubt but remember that our 2 losses this season were close affairs that were losses by a mere 1 pt and 4 pts and could've gone either way. In a nutshell this team has yet to learn how to win the close games and like I've said a few of these games down the stretch that turn out to be wins not losses would only make this team that much more dangerous at the end of the season.

Can’t argue with any of that and I suspect that they will have some close games in the remaining 10 - vs Calgary, vs Edmonton, @Montreal e.g.

please remind me.. I was 6 :lol: :lol: :lol:

:lol: Ryan, I found a pic of you in "81" nice stick-on decals there Bro !!!! :lol: :slight_smile: 8)!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_635/article-pinto-1216.jpg

Thursday night is shaping up to be another blowout. Popp taking over behind the bench? Cato has looked good but I see a few pics for TDs again. Labour Day is also going to be another blowout, just like the last time the Argos were here a couple of weeks ago. Then there is the return to the RC on the Friday night after the Labour Day game.
9 wins by the 11th of September will match all of last season.

1981?? let's not get carried away yet, we are talking about the regular season. It would be ironic to see Ottawa in Hamilton in the East final with Burris passing for over 400 yards like yesterday, Ellingson making clutch catches and a couple of TDs and Chris Williams returning a wide field goal for a TD to win the game........... :roll: stranger things have happened

haha close Bobo but I probably didn't even know what football was at 6, certainly didn't know who the Giants were lol!

...Or Patrick Lavioe rumbling 100 yards Pat Stoqua-like for the game-winning touchdown.

The Cats have never had a season with over 12 wins ever so all im saying is this record may be broke this season

We Also could be 8 and 0 lost 2 games by a total of 5 points and refs stole the Calgary game off us .....

this is sad, but true.

An interesting observation from the Sun's "The Insiders" column this week:

"Calgary has now gone 59 consecutive regular season games without back-to-back losses. That's greatness."

By comparison, the Cats, I believe, have now gone 19 games.

I'm not sure what their record will be, I will say at least 10 wins (I'm being modest) but I have to agree with a previous poster. I'm enjoying the ride. This is the best football I have seen the Ticats play since the Montford/Danny Mac days. All facets are clicking, defense, special teams, and Collaros is an amazing QB. The fans have been phenomenal, selling out games, being loud. Hopefully the Cats can stay grounded and hungry, take one game at a time and not get to cocky! It could very well be another Grey Cup appearance :rockin:

Tough loss on Thursday. I still believe what I said above. I just didn't expect this team to come out so flat. (Even the 13th man had a bad one). The All Wets controlled both lines of scrimmage. That we still had a chance late in the game until the "Angry (crazy-headed) Bird" made his acrobatic snag of Zach's last throw, is a testament as to how good this team is. A good team can win games even when they are not playing their best.

I think there was a lesson learned by the team: Maximum effort is required on every play to ensure positive results. I look forward to a highly motivated team on Labour Day. Hopefully a new, longer winning streak being started is the result.


Bringing this thread back to life after sweeping Trawna and standing alone in first with a record of 8-3.

The Cats are now on pace for a 13-5 finish.

If they do that, the blew team, now 6-5, could not finish ahead of HAM and the only way HAM wouldn't finish first is if OTT, 5-4
right now, wins at least 8 of their final 9 and also earns the tie-breaker with HAM, if they (OTT) don't win all 9.

Studying the Cats' remaining schedule, the only extra difficult situation is going to BC to play just 5 days after a game in MTL.

I'd bet on the Tiger-Cats winning at least 4 of their remaining 7 games, but wouldn't wager, at this point, on more, with EDM and CAL both being tough opponents, the difficult BC trip, and the possibility that the final game, or even two, or three, could be "nothing" games," for them, with first place already wrapped up.

Although, as stated, I wouldn't bet on more than 4 victories, I do think they'll win 5 or more.

A lot of water under the bridge since this thread was originally posted. And while we can't use it as an excuse ( other teams have had to deal with it as well ) injuries have really bitten us in the ass. That being said I say we go 3-1 to finish the season 12-6 and take first in the east. It'll be an interesting few weeks to finish up this season that's for sure and anything can happen :smiley: