Regular Season Record 14-4?

Awhile back when the 'Cats were 2-2 I looked through the schedule and thought " Okay other then the August 20th game in Edmonton and the October 18th game in Montreal I think this team could win 12 of the last 14 to go 14-4 on the season". So much for that! A lot has happened since the Tiger-Cats were 2-2 and I think I'd like to change my prediction not to 15-3 with last nights win but to 16-2! Am I seeing this team through rose coloured glasses or what?? A lot can happen and there are so many things ( injures and such ) that can derail a team but if things remain on track and we proceed status quo what do you think? Maybe? : :thup: : :rockin:

Hi Ti Guy

16-2 is a possibility IF we stay somewhat healthy but I just can't bring myself to say we will win 16 games. Maybe it's the Hammerhead in me that's always waiting for the other shoe to drop.
TBH I don't even care what our final record will be. I'm just enjoying the ride one game at a time. :rockin:

Lets not get ahead of ourselves here peeps, it a long season and were on a run but not time to start gloating and predicting win loss records.

I said in the GDT and in the KTW 6 threads that I honestly can't see how this team could lose another game this year. Realistically is it possible? Yes. It is also possible they might lose one or more. I just don't think it is probable at this point. This feels so much like 1972 all over again in the confidence I have. I hope to relive my youth somewhat this year.

I am enjoying the ride (like ryan3434) and looking forward to the ultimate destination. Whether we achieve it or not truly is secondary to me though. I am reveling in the moment.


Good advice: "Just enjoy the ride " :thup:

These are the kinds of threads/posts that come back to haunt people. One game at a time folks

I would agree with you Teddy if we were gloating in a obnoxious way. But I don’t think that is the case here. I think we are basking in the great joy that comes from how our team, which has not played particularly well for a number of years now, is finally playing the way we’d hoped for, and, in my case, remember from our childhood. In fact, as I said, I am relishing the moment, and hope it continues. If I am haunted by feeling this way and expressing the great joy I feel, then I think it was worth it.


Why do you say 14 - 4? sounds like you don't have a lot of faith in this team.
I am prediciting 15 - 3............. :roll:

as long as the Cats are a lock for first place, I don't care if they lose a few especially at seasons end when they need to rest the banged up or mitigate potential injuries to starters.

the health of the players come November can make or break any great team.

The classic, "You're wrong, but I am going to pick something just slightly different" approach. Nicely done. :roll:

In all seriousness, if you look at the schedule, the Ticats will be the favourite in every matchup from here on out. Their toughest remaining games are at Toronto, vs. Edmonton, vs. Calgary and at Montreal. The first and last only being tough because of circumstance (playing on a short week, though the Argos will also; playing at Molson Stadium, where the team hasn't won since 2002) and the middle two being tough based on the opponent, but the locale (Hamilton) giving the Ticats a HUGE advantage.

There is likely to be a hiccup somewhere along the way, or the possibility of a loss at the end of the season if they have already locked things up. I don't see this team winning fewer than 12, but that is not really going out on too big a ledge.

Since their record for most victories in a single season is 12 (1989), I personally hope they have a chance to exceed that number this year. :wink:

I see 12-6

They have the Als this week and then the home and away series with the Argos, they could have 9 wins going into the second week of Sept. They still have the Riders a couple of times, the Bombers again, Ottawa twice.
By the time they play Ottawa twice, the last two weeks of the season they could be coasting and resting players and letting Mathews take over at QB. Last year they only had 8 wins going into that final week.

EXCEPT MTL, with HOF Legend Rakeem Cato at QB, according to Rod Black, the Ticats don't really stand a chance to get out of the east this year :cry: :thdn: :frowning:

Win/loss record doesn't mean anything, Calgary was 15-3 last year and were not even close to being an elite team without a late flag, they won no cup, they barely scored more points than they allowed in the regular season, they were a 9-9 team or maybe 10-8. Don't look at a team's record, it doesn't say everything.

They don't have the Bombers again and only the Riders once more. Whose schedule are you looking at?

You're so right! Statistics are for losers.

However when you look at our team, judging by any category, they are having a season for the ages. I just hope it continues until Winnipeg in November.


Threads like this are just as bad as the "we're going 6-12" after 3 weeks.

Can't we just enjoy the moment week to week? We went on a great run last year to win the East, and eventually go to the Grey Cup. We are TIED for 1st despite the recent big wins, we could still easily finish 3rd in the East.

Gulp!....spoken like a fan who has been around for all of the Bob Young years. :lol:

It's been a sweet ride so far. I would love to see 13-5 for a new franchise record. Wins in Saskatchewan, Edmonton and Winnipeg on the road in the west has been impressive. If we win in BC we will have won 4-5 vs. the west on the road and you'll be going back a loooooong way before the last time that happened.