Regular Season final

Well, its a loss, but both sides more or less treated it like a pre-season game, so no big deal.

  • BC's secondary was amazing all night. Even if the Riders had time, nobody was open.
  • Neufeld had just a HORRID game on the line!
  • West looked good. If he had kept his legs going when running up the middle instead of diving it could have been superb. He was top notch catching, and I think that opened some eyes for the Riders for possibilities next week. Having Sanders do that would be even better, but West proved he is an asset in that category. He also handled returns well.
  • JT did a great time buying time. The secondary was amazing and the oline struggled yet again.
  • McKenzie...idunno man...I think I would start Macho Harris or one of the other couple guys that were out (Maze, Turenne, Collins...all of which sound like they could be good for next week) of the lineup. He is continually out of position.
  • it was nice to see Kromah back. He didn't have a great game, but it is his first in 10 weeks.
  • DeAngelis was good on FG, not so much punting.
  • It was great to see Foster back, but he didn't have a great game. I shoulda had that 1.

Question....Hawkins has very easily played 4x as much as Veikune, and it is 4 sacks vs 3...27 tackles vs 7...why is Veikune not getting more game time??

I liked that the Riders tried a lot of new things tonight. It was refreshing. They are also getting some guys healthy at the right time, and will have some tough decisions to make before the playoff game. The call on the 3rd down gamble was interesting, and worked if he had held on to the damned ball.

Couldn't agree more depop. What bothers me most actually about McKenzie is the fact that he is playing the same position as probably my all-time favourite Rider, Eddie Davis. . . and the contrast is glaring.

Well West played very well, agree about Mckenzie, Was not impressed with willy this week, Sullavan played much better. Willy took way to much time, lookin for someone open. he had the time many times, so good job O line, def looked better. For a don’t matter game was entertaning, And BC played way more top players, than us! If our top players come to play next week, we should win.

Can only hope Jock is back, and Milo for Playoffs.

I've been asking myself that question all season.

"Well, its a loss, but both sides more or less treated it like a pre-season game, so no big deal. DepopulationINC.

I don't know DepopulationINC. The Lions were playing many of their star players a lot last night: Harris, Brown, the receiving corp that they've been utilizing most of the second half of the season. Yes, they did utilize all 3 of their QBs but they did give Lulay their starter almost 20 minutes of game time. That was important given his recent injury status. I was disappointed at how conservative the Roughriders were and thought they would have tried to establish two important goals: win in BC Place and beat the best team in the CFL 3 out of 4 games in the series. They would carry that into the Western Final if they make it that far. Yet, the team only mustered up 5 net yards in the first quarter of play. Durant never did play. Is he injured? He looked okay. Sheets was used very sparingly [4 carries for 34 yards]. Dressler and Getzlaf were not on the field from what I remember.

Watching this game was like watching paint dry. We had several SSK fans right behind us and they were almost asleep even when SSK had the ball. Some didn't even look like they had a pulse. And why go for it at the opponent's 20 yard line when it was what......3rd and 4?
Why not play it like you would in a game that meant something?

I can understand the coaching staff playing conservatively in hopes of avoiding injury since the Roughriders will be heading into Calgary next week but I think this was a little too conservative. There were 36,000+ fans in attendance last night. This was the highest turn out in BC Place and one of the highest across the CFL all season. That should send a message to the CFL brass about how serious the fans were taking a mean nothing game that like you say appeared to be played like an exhibition game. I just don't think the Lions were playing it like an exhibition game as much as the Roughriders. It also looked like the Roughriders were content to simply show up and get out of town as injury free as possible. Did 36,000+ get their entertainment value? I don't think so.

On third and 3 it was the right call on the gamble and like you said above if Hargreaves had of hung on to the ball. He made the first down with the 4 yard gain before Parker knocked the ball loose. In a playoff game I would think Chamblin would have taken the 3 points instead.