Regular Season Early Predictions

Early I know…but…


Winnipeg: All the pieces in place and stable off season
Calgary: Best QB, best coaches, best Org
Edmonton: Much improved defense. I may have them too low
Sask: Depends on Collaros
BC…They have perhaps the oddest collection of coaches I have ever seen. Too much tied up in a new QB


Hamilton: Seamless transition of coaches. Masoli is MOP
Toronto: Will be close to Hammy. Franklin emerges under Chapdelaine. A lot of talent here.
Ottawa: A lot of changes. Unsettled QB situation
Montreal: Just too much weirdness going on. But I’ll be a rooting for them for all 18.

Love it! I’ll bite…

Calgary - BLM will be BLM. Defense is better than expected.
Winnipeg - When Nichols goes down, no dropoff with Streveler.
Edmonton - Trevor Harris will keep them competitive.
Saskatchewan - Would have put them third, dropped after watching preseason game 1.
BC - Will be a coaching calamity. Even Reilly won’t be able to save them.

Ottawa - Gonna sneak up on some people. Best in a bad division.
Hamilton - Loss of HC Jones will be huge. Jones-less Masoli will be merely human.
Toronto - Major suckage with intermittent bouts of suckage.
Montreal - All excitement will be off-field with ownership and management changes.

So much turnover this off-season, so really tough to predict but here are my best guesses:








Hamilton…11 - 7
Toronto…9 - 9
Ottawa…7 - 11
Montreal…3 - 15


Winnipeg…13 - 5
Calgary…11 - 7
B.C…10 - 8
Edmonton…9 - 9
Saskatchewan…8 - 10


Winnipeg but they need to improve with that finishing opponent off instinct or it’s

Calgary again with a healthy Bo no Bo they fall fast into the pack

Edmonton if Harris stays off the turf

BC not far behind and may catch Esks with Reilly healthy and Harris hurt

Saskatchewan too many Qb issues to take them higher


I think it will be another East is least season; hope I am wrong but a very close

Hamilton with a strong consistent Masoli then

Toronto may surprise the league with some upsets

Ottawa with Jennings finding he is playing catch up lots of the time

Montreal hanging on for the season ride





Leaving Montreal to fold at the end of the season…

Wow. If this thread is any real indication, my lios don’t stand a snowballs chance in High Level AB.

I’m surprised Toronto is getting so much ranking love here.

Winnapeg western final

Bc western final


Edmonton loses in playoffs


Hamilton eastern final

Toronto… losses in playoffs

Ottawa eastern final

Montreal… doesn’t make playoffs

Agreed. What are they basing this on?

I know as much about the Argo roster as anybody and I don’t see them making the playoffs.

Yeah I said it! :wink:

I think it’s based on the fact that they are without a doubt the most flakiest team in this league .
Just look at their recent past history for example . This team is up and down like a yo-yo and every so often they fall ass backward into an undeserving fluke Grey Cup win that no one saw coming or expected in a city that could care less about it only to fall ass backward into being one of the worst teams in the league again the next season . Show me another team that could somehow squeeze a Grey Cup victory between a 5-13 season and a 4-14 season ? History tells me that for whatever reason this is a typical bounce back year for this flaky team not to mention how messed up things are in Montreal right now and Ottawa losing so many key players from last season.

Exhibit “A”

2011…6 -12 4th miss play-offs
2012…9 -9 2nd win Grey Cup
2013…11 -7 1rst lose EF
2014…8 - 10 3rd miss play-offs
2015…10 - 8 3rd lose ESF
2016…5 - 13 4th miss play-off
2017…9 - 9 1rst win Grey Cup
2018…4 - 14 4th miss play-offs

I rest my case . Two Grey Cups off of 9-9 seasons squeezed in between 4 other seasons when they missed the play-offs altogether…Can you say Fluke ??

not sure how their D is but I see good potential for their O, depending on the O-line. while it most likely is thatnone of their QBs make top 5 in the league, they have possibly the best depth. They have a really good group of running backs and a number of really good receivers.

Yep they have a real competitive spirit plus a new coach and with 4 Qb’s that have a huge upside .

No high expectations with a rich owner(s) and no where to go but up .

They have potential to surprise a few off guard .

After watching last night’s pre-season game between HAM and OTT, I may have to rethink my rankings. It was a great game, probably the best of the pre-season so far, but the Ottawa quarterbacks showed just how bad it’s going to be. Davis didn’t impress, Jennings showed what a bust he really is (against 2nd and 3rd string D), and there is a huge hole in the backfield. Sinopoli will be a major help, but he can’t do it by himself. Ottawa will have trouble staying ahead of the lowly Argos this season, but they’ll manage it (mostly because the Argos QB situation is even worse).
Tiger-Cats didn’t look great either, but it appears they’re going to be able to hang onto the top spot in the East (probably with a 9-9 record) just because everyone else sucks so bad.
Now of course, this is all based on a lone pre-season game, but that’s the case for all of our predictions at this time of year.
On the West side…I’ll stand by my predictions. Calgary and Winnipeg will duke it out while BC will stink it up.

I suspect that the Als will miss the playoffs.

Gee yer really going out on a limb with that one . :smiley:

Diddo. Good picks Dave

I think this is a reasonable list, Dave and Brian. No doubt (at least) one team will surprise and another will disappoint, but this seems to be a safe prediction on the standings.

Lol, how many people’s predictions are skewed by preseason wins and losses? Tough to put too much into the first game, especially for the visitors, whose line-ups are heavily loaded with rookies/non-vets.

As for B.C., I can tell you that they are going to have a lot of National starters. Can easily go over the 7 starters, if they so choose. Are likely to play 4 along the O-line and 2 receivers (Durant and Johnson), and play 2 on defense (Herdman or Konar at LB) and a National field corner.

Their biggest challenge, at least in the early going, will likely be on Special Teams. Ty Long signed in the NFL and this unit was (overall) a hot mess in Edmonton. K/P Sergio Castillo was a good signing this past week. Their coverage teams, despite being a rookie-laden squad, were a disappointment in EDM.

this looks the most reasonable so far, which is why it probably wont turn out that way.