I am disappointed for sure. Actually, my 10 year old watched the game on demand this morning, and I gave up no spoilers, and he actually was so upset by the loss he was crying a bit.
We regroup and we prepare and we win next week. I predicted a 4-2 last 6 games. ( with a split with Ottawa and BC) and that is still my prediction.10-8 and possible first place, but a least a home playoff game.
We have the talent.
I expect to be raked over the coals for this post but so be it.

Nobody’s going to rake you over the coals for an honest assessment. I’m that kid too allegorically. I just hope he grows up watching a better product than I did. I hate when they break the hearts of the kids.

The only way we win the East is by beating Ottawa twice.

Beating Ottawa twice can be done by this team.

Need some receivers back though…

Oh yeah, and Lirim has to not suck and, and, and our coach has to not hand over the game again. :o

Just ask for the moon why don’t you? :o

There are a couple of other ways:

Beat Ottawa once by 7, or more, points and tie them in the other game.
If that happened, HAM would also need to win one more game, in their three other remaining games (BC, TOR & MTL), than OTT does in their 3 (WPG, EDM & TOR).

Split with OTT and, win 2, tie 1 (or win all 3) in the other 3 remaining games, while OTT loses all 3 of their other remaining games.

But, your way, DCF, is certainly the best in that the Cats would need no help from other teams, If they did beat OTT twice, the Cats would then have to only match OTT's record in the other 3 games each of the two teams has remaining on its schedule.

My dream, for now, is that first place is still on the line when OTT comes to THF on Oct. 27th.

What, a thread not calling for our coach to be fired or kicker punted? I can get behind this. ?