Register Here: Boycotting the Super Bowl

Yes it’s here again folks, the winter with it’s usual 2 week of hoopla over the top World Championship nonsense.
I know I did miss nearly the first week, but it’s the second that counts here.
Tell me how you are joining my fraternity Sigma Delta NFL Crapa again this year.
Also if you can let me know what you will be doing “Super Sunday”.
I plan on reading as usual a book, playing N64 with my son etc…

but then you going to miss the Clydesdales.

and all those other Super commercials.

I used to avoid the game because of the marketing and hype and then the big letdown on the field. Now I find the games are more like the Cfl, with wide open action and any team could win… no I’ll be watching, Still a Cfler

After watching the joke games last weekend, the 1st NFL I’ve watched in many years, I won’t be bothering… I don’t watch ANY commercials and the halftime show will probably be a lights and firework cover up of some no talent band or diva with everyone dancing the same way… Nah, I think I will skip it. Maybe give my teeth a good flossing. That’s usually more exciting. ;D…I’m with you ArgoT !

All those that do watch, I sincerely hope you enjoy yourselves.

Thanks Dan.

No problem Tony. I do not hate the NFL, it’s just that when I compare it to our brand, I find it lacking. My son is a fan and I hope the game is a good one.

I feel that I am mature enough to not have to put something down in order to justify my position like so many others in all walks of life do. I do believe in calling a spade a spade though.

I agree with you in regard to all the hype before, during and after.
I do not watch the half time. That is usually time for a beverage and food.

I just enjoy the game of football both CFL and NFL.

My only hope is that it is an entertaining game.

Even if it is a crap game, media will be saying how great the Stuper Snore was. Like they always do.

May can’t come quick enough for me!!

But you did not answer the posting are you joining and will you be a part of this fraternity?

ArgoT - did not join last year and I am afraid I will not be joining this year.
But I wish you all the best in your recruitment process.

I register. I don’t know what I will do february 3, but it will not be watching the Super Bowl

Is this because you will still be recovering from your “Pro Bowl” party tomorrow?

You know ArgoT, boycotting is such a strong word and suggests I am taking an active stance. In my case I am not boycotting as much as I just don’t care, never really did. I am not going out of my way to NOT watch the SB just as I don’t really think about not watching the NBA. These types of things are not on my agenda anyway anymore than cricket is. They are never even on my mind. The fact there is so much hype means that I can’t help but be aware of the SB and that’s it.

ie; I have absolutely no idea who won last year’s SB and no idea who won last year’s NBA championship, whatever it is called. I also have no idea who won last year’s baseball championship.

Oh, I have been one of your original members!

Johnny won’t be watching. Too sick of seeing Brady and the Patriots every year.

Thank you I thing tf.
Are you inviting me to your place to watch the Super Snore?
All kidding aside I use to be a dual fan of both the CFL and NFL, then they lost me many years ago.
Not to mention sitting around for 5-6 hours to watch a supposed championship game.
I am now happy to report there is a small quorum in our fraternity, a total of 5 committed.
Thank you for the following:
Dan 38
Lucas Bellemare
Johnny Ticat slayer

There is still time to join this exclusive club, no fake news here.

Knock yourself out. I hope you enjoy the game.

I should have been committed a long time ago. Maybe I was ? I can’t remember. Shock treatments do that to you. ;D

Good job Dano. At least we are not drinking the kool aid! :slight_smile:

…firstly I applaud your starting this thread instead of negatively peppering a pro-NFL thread…it’s the right step…but I have trouble with your use of the above statement, which you seem to use fairly frequently, for two reasons…

…the first is that it refers to the mass-murder/suicide of over 900 people, +300 of which were children…it was a terrible incident and to flippantly use it in the context of watching a sports entertainment event is in my opinion distasteful…

…the second reason is the saying paints those that partake in the flavoured poisonous drink as mindless and misguided in their followership…I can assure you they are not, they’re simply fans who enjoy football…to refer to them as mindless and delusional is insulting…and that’s not nice…

…anyway, just a personal thing, we should all try to do better…good topic though…

…ps - for what it’s worth, Jim Jones used Flavour Aid, not Kool Aid…