Register Here: Boycotting the "not a sport" games , contests, and pasttimes

poker, and other casino games
target shooting (arrows, rifles, and handguns)
lawn bowling
ax throwing
electronic games about sports

If you don’t like these… then don’t partake in them. But to want them gone for all is a bit weird and creepy.


…I’m confused by the purpose of this thread…FYB, are you saying to boycott these ‘sports’ because you see them more as pastimes/hobbies? and if so are you saying to boycott them as you’re po’d that these are given air-time on TV?

Maybe play a little online poker or watch some Rugby Union on DAZN for myself this Sunday. Pining for May to come soon.

I don’t boycott them, but I also don’t watch much of fishing/hunting shows on TV Saturday mornings.

I usually only get about 5 minutes into it when it hits me. . . this guy gets paid to do this!!

Where the hell was I in guidance class in school when they told you that you could get paid to go hunting and fishing? I’ve spent a fortune doing it over the years. . . and all along I could have gotten paid ? ?

…is quietly abstaining from watching them a form of boycott?

…what about watching your friend fish, while you’re fishing as well?

…what if you’re playing cards in the local saloon, and you look up to see some guys throwing darts…and then an axe goes flying past your head?

…FYB, where do you stand on the subject of square-dancing?


How about square-dancing while throwing an axe ?

actually, I like a few of them, just don’t think they are sports.

exactly :slight_smile:


  • hoping to create more discussion and board traffic
  • just addressing a pet peeve that so many talk about them as sport, specially sports channels
  • trying to have a little fun imitating ArgoT

I refuse to watch them on sports stations, even tho I can be entertained by some such as billiards.

well, it got me my second girl-friend back in the day.

not a lot of standing in square dancing

its exercise, its entertainment, its a pastime, its not a sport, game or contest. Well I guess it might be a contest sometimes.