Regionalizing Preseason Games

I've always thought that it would be in each teams and the CFL's best interest to regionalize thier preseason games. It's not like the home cities would be that upset about losing a preseason game, and bringing the game to cities that do not have teams can go a long long way.

This is how I see it...

Montreal = Quebec City
Ottawa = Kingston
Toronto = ?
Hamilton = London
Sask = Saskatoon
Edmonton = ?
Calgary = ?
BC = Kelowna, Victoria, Abbotsford?

Maybe have Toronto/Edmonton/Calgary rotate playing preseason in Halifax, Moncton and St John's.

I'd like to hear some thoughts/ideas on this little brain storm of mine.

I think teams like forcing them into the season ticket package...

Not worth the Millions of dollars it would cost to set up temporary stands, concessions, press boxes etc

Wpg and SK actually make a profit on their pre season games and this is a awful idea in a GATE driven league.

Why would it cost millions of dollars? They would be using CIS stadiums in most of these cities.

edmonton = calgary
calgary = edmonton


So instead of getting 25 000 to 30 000 , you will play in a stadium that seats 5 to 10 thousand? CFL pre season football is ugly on a good day and people in a neutral site wouldn't be impressed with watching second and third stringers play. The regular season game in Moncton was a good idea, the game meant something.

I guess I can only speak for myself, but if they announced that there was going to be a CFL preseason game at Richardson Stadium here in Kingston I would sure be excited about it and get some tickets straight away.

That's awesome but would 20 000 of your friends do the same ?


Example... BC vs. Ssk preseason week one - 24,871 in attendance. Name one CIS stadium outside a CFL city that can accomodate 24k people. Temp seating cost $$.

I would say if they had three pre season games then it would be great to have the Riders go to Saskatoon every other season and still be able to play a game in regina also. That would be something nice for the fans who travel the distance. Toronto most definetely should take their game on the road as this year they gave the ticket away and the year before they only drew 12,000. So moving their home preseason each year to Kingston or London would be a low risk for the CFL. even if they just kept the currrent seating. It depends on the team and the city each team is different when it comes to this. As nice as it would be for the Riders to play at U of S the community owned team does indeed make money off their pre-season game. I would like to see Montreal to begin to play one home game a year in QC to begin to build some CFL hype in the city that does have the population to support a team but currently has no interest. Montreal's summer attendance is a lot lower so it would be a good time of the year to try it. I am sure that there will be those who will just automatically snub this idea but it is always good to try new things. Hamilton probably will not do it now with the new stadium but hosting a game in the summer in Buffalo would have been something to try to extend the fan base and UB stadium seats 30,000 and can accommodate the CFL field dimensions very easily with only needing to extend the turf onto the 400m track are in which the long jump pits etc. are.

So why not play 4 pre-season games like the NFL reduce the season to 16 games and then the teams can spend millions building temporary stands in nearby cities and have more exhibtions. These ideas are as bad as someone suggesting exhibition games against UFL teams.

hell no to 4 pre-season and 16 games..

Of course they are not going back to the 4 pre season games as they went to an 18 game schedule for a reason. Pre season games do not draw any attnetion or make money as much money across the board. That is why the pre season is so condensed. The CFL has dabled with playing pre season games in other cities which led to the TD atlantic. The willCBA and the TV deal negotiations are coming up so this is where any of these things will be ageed upon