Regina's new stadium is approved

Should be ready by 2017. I hope they stick with that design. It could rival the new Bomber stadium for the most beautiful in Canada.

Excellent news for sure. :thup: I hope they go with what the future of football stadiums may be as I've read where there is some open areas at the corners or at one end for a bar like pavillion type atmosphere with standing, screens set up to watch the game and other related programming, providing more inexpensive access to the games for a more social environment like standing that would cater to the younger generation who don't always have the income as well for a pricier seat.

WOW, Another 100 Million loan, Regina Tax payers are on the hook for 100 milion plus interest :thdn:

How long will it take to pay off that loan ??

Winnipeg has taken out a 100 million loan but that is attached to the team.

It is to be paid back over 30 years by a $12 facility fee paid on all tickets (there is already an $8 fee so it's an increase of $4 per ticket). I think it assumes 85% capacity and doesn't include the possibility of playoff games, Grey Cups, or other events (the odd stadium concert) that could take place there. I'm also guessing the facility fee will follow the interest rate/inflation rate.

Wow, it is awesome.
As nice as the Peg's stadium looks, this appears even nicer.
What I do like and from previously reading, they can put a dome on it in the future.

I read that too ArgoT. They definitely don’t need to put a lid on it right away, but making it able to accept one later would certainly make Regina unique in its foresight.

There was never really any question that the stadium would be approved (they announced it last year during a home game), but rather how/who would fund it was the big question in past election for mayor. All part of a "revitalization" project; the old stadium will be torn down and turned into town houses/condos. I'm a little disappointed in the location as parking is still a huge concern on game day.

Will there be enough complaints from the public to expect a closed in stadium as a finished product - I hear the weather there today is -30 celcius

what does the weather in January have to do with the CFL?

A closed stadium makes sense on most levels in Regina, except the most important...fiscally.

Weather problems with the CFL, mainly the GC and cold weather, would, for the most part, go away if they started 3-4 weeks earlier so that the game was played in late October. Plus...if season opening was the 2nd weekend in June we would only go 3 months with no CFL/NFL football, and it would be a smooth transition for NHL fans. Furthermore, another month of no NFL competition might draw in some extra viewership. Lets also not forget that it taps into more of the family market, because school is out, and the CFL is still an economical family entertainment option compared to a lot of sport and concert options.

It's being built roof ready, so it can be added afterward (a provincial requirement for funding).

The moving of the season has been argued ad nauseam... But the main two points that make it more difficult to change are:

  1. The summer months are actually the weaker ones for the CFL as many families head away for weekends. Ratings and attendance picks up in Sept generally... When school is in.
  2. Starting earlier means more direct competition with the NHL playoffs, which is actually the bigger competition, not the NFL. You tell me how much media coverage the CFL will get with the NHL in playoff mode.

Now let's leave that for another thread and keep it just on the stadium here. The important requirements are roof ready, bowl shape, and covered seating. All designs submitted will have to incorporate those two requirements (along with some others I'm sure).

Depopulation - A covered stadium has nothing to do with the CFL in Jan. in Saskatchewan , but when you head into a Mega project of this sort in a city of 225,000 to 250,000 people and a province of 1.1 million or less , a structure of this size needs to be used year round to lessen the expense cost of operation and to the the tax payer . User pay , I am familiar with , but I read where this structure could cost between $250 and $400 million. it needs to be used more than 7 or 8 months a year.Install the roof , get it done under the same engineering firm.

The CFL owns November. It is crazy talk to give that up.

Regina will do JUST FINE without a roof on its new stadium. Pay down some of it first and develop it as a new venue, then, maybe in several years, talk about adding a removable roof.

Agree rpaege on both issues there. :thup:

And that is exactly what the plan is. :wink:

Plus once it's up and running, it will be a lot easier to obtain private investment in getting a roof. Also, the dynamics of CFL revenue could change enough to allow the Riders to be a bigger funder, thereby making it more feasible from a political standpoint, because the city definitely won't be in a position to handle that cost.