Regina weather Sunday-Light snow -1 degrees!

Welcome B.C. warm weather pusscats to the real Canada. Prairie football at its best!

Hey Turkeybrain... you seem to be forgetting the last West Semi held in Sasky between the Leo's and Riders... Lions won that one 33-12 and it was a bit nippy then... low during the game of -9. Needless to say weather is not an issue!

love to you cfl brother- I will lend you a pair of my long underwear, ear muffins, scarf, gloves and flask for the game. Your pussycats will need all the insulation you can get. Welcome to the greatest CFL city in Canada. All Wally needs is a Santa suit as he would fill it well and, the Lions are going to give us xmas in November so we can go and snatch xmas from the Stamps in Calgary which will drive Calgarians insane again. Oh, how well all of this is playing out. Eliminate the Esks, then the Leos, finally the cocky Stamps in their own den. How sweet it will be. Oh me , Oh my, Esks, Lions and Stamps.
Montreal, get ready for the re-match in Edmonchuck. :cowboy: :rockin: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Turkeybend, a well reasoned post :wink:

You Rider folk will try and get any advantage possible even if it is total B$ . I'm sure most Riders didn't grow up in Sask so they will be just as cold as the Lions players .

They'll have plenty of beer to warm em up... the BC players, keep your helmets on even when you're on the bench. :wink:

Funny but I was thinking that earlier today(we had a couple inches of snow). Hopefully the BC players don't entice the drunks in the crowd or better yet there is no snow in the stands.

While there are quite a few Sasky boys on the Riders there are some imports. This week in training practice those guys have to do naked snow angels to toughen up for the game.

I wonder if someone knows which province has supplied the most Canadian players to the CFLs team rosters?

Actually crown royal. In what I take to be a very good omen, my wife won a bet at work with a fellow coworker who is apparently a Stamps fan. While the bet was non football related, she won a 66 of Crown Royal (my drink of choice) for me and he included two Rider bobble heads (Elgard and Poley). Like taking candy from a baby(Stamps fan). I was shocked he grew up in Sk!!! So I'll crack it open for the win over BC and since it's from a Stamps fan I assume the karma is that the Riders will beat the Stamps in the western final.

Or he gave it to you so you won't be lonely the night the Stamps beat your Riders (provided they make it out of Regina, that is). :wink: That's actually pretty generous of him.

Note to anyone playing football at Ivor Wynne in Hamilton. Don't invite anyone you care for to the game, especially your grandparents, as they will be helmet whipped sitting in the stands by players who jump the fence, even if it's just junior football.

I guess not all Stamp fans are bad. A bet is a bet. He would have won 66 of Vodka. That alone is one reason I could never be a Stamps fan... Vodka? Come on this isn't Russia. I still can't believe he grew up here (south west Sk). A good friend on mine grew up in Manitoba, big Bomber fan until he moved here. Now he supports the good guys... da Riders. He likes Rye so he's good people.

As long as it containts alcohol, it's all gooooooood!!! :thup:

The wisest comment I have seen you make so far.... :smiley:

I can see a big fight happening or two men holding each other and crying when the Riders get crushed tommorrow. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately someone has to lose, so fans in two provinces will be cryin' and huggin' and drinking alot. As long as no one gets hurt, it's all good. So don't drink and drive folks, taxi guys need to make a livin' too.

Great post :thup:

What exactly does "the real Canada" mean? Its kinda funny to make up a cutesy name for a team based on weather when you are afraid of a little rain no?

I’m cracking the 66 during next weeks win against Calgary. The football gods have spoken! The green train is a rolling, woo, wooooooo! :rockin:

So if most Riders did not grow up in Canada, then we truly are Canada's team :wink:
Thanks for the support oilerrocker. And you can thank us later for Jordan Eberle (Regina boy). :smiley: