Regina Wants Domed Stadium

As reported today in the Natioinal Post, the mayor of Regina is looking into building a multi-use domed stadium.
Riders would be a prime tenant, but ti would also host other sports and events.
Who knows. Maybe even a NHL team.
Sounds like a great idea.
But again to me it goes under the category of I’ll believe it when i see it!

It all comes down to money! Who will pay for a domed stadium. I mean it would be great for the city of Regina. But when it comes down to it who will walk up and put the money down. NHL team you do know the cost of an NHL team would be almost as much as half the cost of the stadium right.

A domed stadium for football is terrible. The Rogers Centre has horrible site lines for football and isn't loud at all.

Does Regina have enough use for a domed stadium?

The Rogers Centre is used for the Argos, Blue Jays, the odd concert, the auto show, Disney on Ice and a few other assorted events. It maybe gets used 125 times per year. It's worth it to Rogers because the city paid 700 mil for it and he bought it for 26 mil. He's made his money back on it.

How can Regina justify building a domed stadium? It would get used maybe 25 times per year. You are going to spend hundred of millions of dollars and it will sit dormant for 11 months total out of the year.

Build a stadium like BMO field in Toronto. It only cost around 25 mil and is a great view from wherever you sit. Obviously you would have to add about 10,000 more seats to their design but it's doable.

Look at the Big O in Montreal. It gets used for 3 days for the Auto Show, 1 Als home game and a handful of concerts. Sure the location is bad but the city spend 1 billion to build it.

Tell the mayor to build a normal stadium or take some of that money and fixed up Mosaic Stadium.


Where's a link to this story?

Assuming it's true, domed stadium is a really bad idea.

As soon as you put a dome on something, the costs skyrocket. Asper was asked in an interview about putting a dome on winnipeg's new stadium, and to summarize his response: "#$%! that!"

Not only do the building costs get ridiculously high, but so do the operational costs because you have to heat the thing.

Regina is NEVER going to get an NHL team. Not with this commissioner and board of governors.

It's was Canada's obsession with domes (skydome, big owe, and bc place) that scared the Canadian voter away from stadiums for the past 20 years. Yes they get more days of use, but even in big cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, the extra use still can't cover the added capital and operational costs. Do yourself a favour regina, learn from their mistakes!

No where was there any talk about an NHL franchise I don't know where that came from.

I don't like the idea of it all that much, I would much prefer an outdoor stadium but I do understand the thought process of having a dome, as they can get year round use out of it. Would be one loud ass place to have all the ridernation under a roof. Taylor Field is already loud as it is.

Then why not take the money for the new stadium, take 25% of it and sink it into Mosaic stadium? Fix the structure, replace some seats, redo the dressing rooms, and upgrade the concession stands. This is what I want Hamilton to do. When you build a new stadium, you lose the intimacy and the loudness. Look at the Colts, the RCA dome used to be so loud and a tuff place to play, now, at Lucas Oil field, it's an easy place to play. The old Chicago Stadium used to be the same way, now with the United Centre, it's a totally different atmosphere.

I understand that sometimes you just need a new building but how often does Mosaic get used? I can tell you in Hamilton, Ivor Wynne hosts 10 cat games plus their practices, about 14 days worth of high school football, i think 5 hamilton hurricane games, some minor football games and it gets rented out to people who play soccer. It doesn't make the city any money. Even if we built a new staidum, it wouldn't make sense, it would get just as much use as it does now.

Building a track is a dumb idea. How many track and field events do we host? If you need a track, they just built one at Mac. We have Mohawk Sports park to take care of minor baseball, football and soccer.

A great idea and yes, if you build it more will come.
Regina start now while the going is still "hot" for the Riders.

…valid story dmont, here’s teh link:

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…this is an interesting idea however I feel that in order to for the Riders to get the best use of this facility it really should be built in Calgary…

This would be fantastic for the province. If it's going to be domed, though, it should have a retractable roof. And the article states building a new stadium would be about $200 million, about double the estimated costs to renovate Mosaic Stadium. For that difference (heck, even if it were triple the cost), I say build it. I'm sick of the attitude in this province that the status quo is fine. We should aim for something great here. And now would be the time to do it with the province on an economic upswing (yeah, the price of oil is down now, but it won't stay that way forever. Plus we don't have all our eggs in one basket like some provinces).

To quote Barack Obama, you can put lipstick on a pig.....but it's still a pig!

It appears the Engineers are having difficulty proofing the roof against dense metal objects filled with liquids :lol:

You do realize Vancouver was going to tear down B.C. place right and then realized that it actually made them money with all the stuff that goes on? I was suprised by how many days it was actually used for stuff it was over 200 I think.

Rogers Centre, Olympic Stadium and BC Place were all built to stage events much larger than CFL football. This is why they are all horrible for anything other than the Grey Cup.

When we think dome, we automatically assume these mammoth 50,000 - 80,000 seat monstrosities that are for the likes of the NFL, Olympics or FIFA World Cup. Since there has been nothing specifically designed for CFL football in 40 or 50 years, who is to say you can't build something that will be both intimate for the CFL and indoors?

Imagine something slightly larger than BMO Field, 25,000 - 30,000 seats with a retractable roof able to accomodate CFL football, MLS soccer, trade-shows, exhibitions and concerts. The facility could be used for public recreation during the blocks of time without bookings.

Venues like this would be great for medium to large sized Canadian cities and could fill the gap between the big-time hockey arenas and mammoth domes...

I think it's great that Regina is considering all of the options. We definitely don't need an 80 000 seat dome but something smaller might be okay. Many people argue that there is not enough going on to make full use of a stadium like this. However, if there is a venue capable of holding other events besides football, it is possible it will get used. I wouldn't say I'm convinced a dome is the best idea as I would much rather watch football outside, but I think it is worth looking into.

joedavtav is absolutely right. A nice example of this is the Fargodome, a 19,000 seat indoor stadium in Fargo, North Dakota (whose metropolitan area is similar in size to Regina). They have their Fighting Sioux home games, concerts and other events. This example gets tossed around every time talk of a domed stadium comes up, and I dont see why Regina couldn't do the same.

As GeneTheMachine mentioned, Fargodome:

It would have to be bigger than the Fargodome !

Something along the lines of 30K should do it.

Expandable to 40K for the grey cup.

How about a minimum 35K to be expanded to 55K for the GC.

I read a note today [ can't remember the newspaper ] that Regina is thinking of building a covered stadium. Any news?

Just read original post. Great idea.