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This week Jenn talks with the Mayor of Regina Pat Fiacco, who talks about the new Entertainment Centre the Saskatchewan Roughriders may be playing under if stars align and funding is available at all levels of government.
We recap the CFL Pre-Season Week 1 with Jenn and former CFL player Robert Drummond and preview week 2 Pre-Season.

This week’s’s Canadian music feature is Oil City Sound Machine. An energetic, 6 piece top 40 dance band from Northern Alberta. We have featured 2 of their songs this week.

Regina needs a new stadium less than almost any of the other teams

Imagine how much more revenue the team and the city could get with more seats? I also believe a weather is a big part of the game, butafter that wind its hard for the best players to showcase their skills

And nations don't need to be spending billions after billions sending rockets into space. It's called "onwards and forwards" or "you snooze you lose" whatever. Any business and even government is a business has to look at ways to make things better for their clients, simple as that.

We need this type of forward thinking mayor here in To.
Unlike the wannabe US/NFL loving crap Ford.

Yeah but Ford doesn't see Toronto as "world class" unless they get an NFL team. What an idiotic thing that he more or less said. So what is Toronto now then? Or any other city that doesn't have an NFL team? :?

How some people get elected is beyond me. :?

there is enough wannabe americans in toronto to vote ford.
whats funny though is Ford will squeeze the grey cup for every dollar he can then totally discard the league again.

well more money is good, I hope their isn't a secret ceiling of how many seats they can fill per game, not that their seems to be one but...

Building a 50,000 seat stadium then maxing out at 45,000 seats a game would be pretty unfortunate.

This mayor is a funny guy...

" It is not a dome it is a multi functional facility with a retractable roof "

LMAO ! :lol:

Well in the mayor's defense I think a lot of people associate the word 'dome' with some sort of fixed structure or something not necessarily fixed but really looking like a dome as in the Rogers Centre. Which has negative connotations from an aesthetic point of view I think as you don't see this sort of design any longer on stadiums. The worst example was the Igloo where the Penguins used to play, people made fun of that arena a lot, well, the word Igloo I guess says it all. :wink: I can see that the wording of 'retractable roof' is more pleasing from this respect.

This post only proves you've never been to a game at Taylor Field in the last 30 years.

With the Bombers and Ticats getting new/refurbished stadiums, there's no longer any teams with worse or comparable stadiums. They need one more than any other team.

Nothing like walking on the east side and having water drip down onto the concourse on a beautiful sunny 30 degree day.

And that's sad considering both Regina and Saskatoon, I think, have relatively new and modern hockey arenas for amateur teams. Which is fine, no problem, but time to turn attention to the Riders I would say.

If any city with the support Rider fans have show this franchise over the years deserve a new stadium, it's the Riders. Granted people were saying the CFL was going to fold in the late 90's but with stabilization of the Argos and TiCats and TiCats getting a refurbished stadium costing over $100 mill, well, things look pretty darn good now I will say to make it happen.

The still drinking that ? :lol:

I think the Riders need a new stadium, but it is never going to be this $500-$600 million retractable-roof, multi-purpose entertainment center. Regina's Mayor is dreaming big, but there just does not seem to be the funding needed to build the RiderDome. When politicians start wrapping stadium projects around "urban revitalization" and revitalizing the the entire downtown of Regina, you know the project is doomed. There is not the funding or the economic need for a multi-purpose entertainment facility in a town the size of Regina. They should just start focusing on a good outdoor stadium like the new one in Winnipeg and forget about this whole Dome pipe dream.

Neither Regina or Saskatoon has new arena's. They both got some upgrades to host the World juniors but nothing major. Saskatoon still has a fairly nice rink, built in 1988 but it's not "new" per se.

Thanks for the clarification Dust. BTW, do the arenas "leak" when it's not raining as said above? :wink: