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The Leader Post tells the real story behind rider fans. Hey Canada they arent all what we think. They are go riders go when winning but when they lose they are like Judas and Peter when it comes down to it. Finally the truth has come out. GO STAMPS KICK THEM RIDER. ANOTHER 20years. Just think next home playoff game 2027 NICE!!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!

Yes, shame on me, who has stuck by the Riders through thick and thin, the Ford years, and telethons...who sticks by them in victory and defeat...shame on me...

hehehe. Funny, I read the Leader Post every day and I never saw an article like that. You dreamin again crosshairs?

LOL they’ll be leaving with their 30 pieces of silver after the home playoff loss.

It was in there, it was a fan letter which IMHO wasnt justified. It was a nothing game and we were playing like it. I left early but only because that wasnt this years Riders out there for whatever reason. Not because I didnt wanna watch that game(I turned on the tube the second I got home and tuned in on the radio in the car until then), not bcause it was chilly, but because I want to remember the home game prior to the Toronto game.

Did the author of the letter think the 13th man factor was going to help the Riders climb out of the hole they dug? Not very likely! It should also be pointed out that many fans drive 100's of KMS to be at the games, and when faced with a game like that sometimes an early night on a Sunday is whats best for everyone.

I choose to look at it as a subtle message to the team, coaches, and management. HECK NO we wont settle for mediocraty any more!!! Play well, play hard, and play consistant and the 28800 will have your back. That effort simply wasnt acceptable and we showed them that. Hopefully they absorbed the message and can use it this weekend when Regina is officially painted Green in their honor.


"Once a jerk always a jerk." Ever here of that phrase SwervyMervy. And just so you know I wasn't referring to myslf or the other posters on this post.

Anyone who knows anything about the CFL and the Riders knows the fans has stuck by them for years, many tough years! and no fans anywhere are more loyal, if this story is true then this guy must be from Winnipeg. And gee they still have 10 thousand tickets left for Sundays game. sounds like a 50/50 draw outside the Stadium come sunday to get rid of them. Riders have the best fans hands down.

I know I had 4 sesons tickets in Regina from 1973 till 1995. There were alot of lean years during those times. The best games that I went to were when the Riders beat the Eskies in 1975 I think (40-0) and when they scored 3 touchdowns in the last 5 minutes of a games. I could only here the crowd chears as I walked to the car. I think it was the Eskies who they beat that day too, but I'm not sure. I still admire the team and the great fan loyalty. It's not the same in any park and I have been in them all. And yes BC does use artifical noise and the anouncer to rally up the troups.

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Let me guess. this is same person who wrote how rowdy the saskatchewan fans were, when the BC fans act like they are in a morgue...

Yah. Shame on me. Shame on My grampa and gramma . Shame on my Brother and Sister. Shame on my girlfriend. Shame on us . . .

. . . Oh wait. We have never stopped cheering for the Riders. We have gone to all the Milton Jones games. All the Reggie Slack Games. All the Jeff Bentram and Tom Burgess Games. I am only 25 but have been cheering since I can remember.

Shame on us? Or shame on the media spin that only fools fall for?

Every team has band wagon jumpers. Stores that put up signs and flags to draw in business. Politicians that suddenly pretend they care about sports. Mass media that goes crazy without really knowing what they are talking about.

Fools from other cities that say, "SHAME ON YOU !!!!". Even though they don't live in our city and have no idea about team pride.

Maybe its because his team in his city doesn't go mad with football frenzy when playoffs come around that makes him attack the cities that do. Either way the author of this forum is a fool.