Here we go again, this time it's Saskatchewan saying that if the Federal government (we the taxpayers) don't come up with the funding shortfall the Dome is Doomed.

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Regina has a population of 200,000 people.
They want to build a $440m retractable roof stadium
I'm sorry but is this like the little town that could?
Saskatchewan is a very wealthy province now with Potash,Oil and Gas,it is booming.
But unless the private sector(said potash and oil companies)bucks in, this is way over their heads.

That same reasoning makes me wonder how Quebec city, with a population of 511,000, similar to Hamilton, can afford to pay $187m for a $400m arena.

(shrug) Oh well.

But 511,000 in Quebec includes Laval and the surrounding communities. How big is Hamilton if you include the surrounding communities 2 Million, 4 million ????

As was stated before if QC can reduce the number of city workers by 500 over 5 years the thing has paid for itself.
(500 workers X $60,000 = $300 Million)
I guess their city council is using their brains.

With the Riders though it's actually more a true provincial team so you're looking at about a million people that live in the Rider boundary of what their team is and even more in other provinces that still call the Riders their team but live in Alberta or Manitoba. I've heard people drive for 5 or so hours to go to games in Regina.

Yes you are right the Riders are seen as the team for all of Saskatchewan. People will drive hours to get to a Riders game.
It's a rich province and has become a "have" province, while Ontario with it's $20 Billion dollar deficit and huge debt has now become a "have not" province for the first time in our history. Sask can probably afford a $400 M dome.

Umm... Laval is 3 hrs. away north of Montreal. I presume we're talking about Levis.

Quebec City's metro region is about 730,000.

We've all seen with the Argos and the Als how quick a venue that is too large can kill a franchise. Expand Taylor Field.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are the most successful team in the league right now.
But times can change.
Montreal is a very successful franchise but it was not always, It has folded two times now.
Your team is really only as good as your QB,GM,and Coaches and a few decisions made that do not work out QB wise and disaster will surely follow.
A few losing teams in Sask. in a row and all but the hardcore fans will disappear.
Look at the Ti-Cats after Danny Mac left we wallowed in poor QBing.Maas,Printers,Taaffe whoever the GM,s were (its too painful to remember) and had a series of 2-16,3-15 seasons and success was hard to come by.
It has been a high hill for us to climb back too repectability(Thankyou Obie+ Caretaker)
What I am saying is success can turn to disaster in sports quite quickly.
A $400m investment on such a fickle product does not seem wise.
That being said a domed stadium in Regina would be cool.

Don't think so.

Not exactly sure where they're getting that number from, but 5 years ago, the census had QC at 491,142.


As I pointed out above, the Metro area is 730,000 k and add 90 minute drive in time and it’s just over 1 million. We’re talking Edmonton or Calgary sized demographic here. The problem is, as in Edmonton, there aren’t head Offices of corporations here other than for a couple of Quebec insurance companies. It’s a regional and government centre so private dollars aren’t huge.

Ok, but you responded to my post about money to be put out by the municipality that is similar in size to Hamilton, so I'm not sure what that has to do with my post.

?? ??? I was just quoting what YOU posted at the top of this page, you said 511,000 but I don't understand why this is important. What does it matter if it's 490,000 or 511,000 we were discussing a domed stadium in Regina.

Who said it was important? I was just musing over a comment made by Grover, that's all. That's why I threw in a "(shrug)" and an "Oh well"

Just that you repeated the 1/2 million figure after I had posted the larger number. Thought you must have missed my post.

The overall point is that Quebec City, at the actual metro and drive-in figure, is ALMOST big enough to carry the freight but appears to be just a bit too light in money-making dollars. I'm sort of in between you and Mikem.

Huh? There's like ten bridges connecting Laval to Montreal Island if you include the underground subway link...

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You're welcome. :wink:

Oski Wee Carte,


3 hrs. away - FROM QUEBEC CITY - north of Montreal. Check it out Russ, the earlier poster said Laval was part of Quebec City's area.

[u]But 511,000 in Quebec includes Laval[/u] and the surrounding communities. How big is Hamilton if you include the surrounding communities 2 Million, 4 million ????
You may now thenk me for correcting you in your correction of me.* :D

I used to live on the West Island (where else?).

*I could also admit that I left out a comma but that would mean admitting a mistake and that might get me banned from the board. :slight_smile:

You are correct in my missing your correction. I was reinforcing it I guess after I picked myself off the floor. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


I missed more than just your point. I thought mikem had written that post. :? But i see you corrected him in the difference of the actual city population vs metro region population. I was hornswoggled for a bit.

I understand what you're saying.

I was confusing the suburb of Laval with Laval University which is in Quebec City. I meant to say Levis as part of the Metro area.

But getting back to Regina, the latest is that the plan is unravelling and it looks like Mosaic will probably be renovated.

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