Regina dome news

There isn't much news in these articles, but things appear to be progressing behind the scenes.

North Dakota's Fargodome a possible model for new stadium in Regina

North Dakota's Fargodome is a size small -- in Regina we need a size medium

Things have gone to the next level. The Federal, Provincial, and Municipal levels of government along with the Saskatchewan Roughriders football club have announced a fesability study into building an Indoor facility in Regina. Link attached.

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as well the stadium concept review can be found on the saskatchewan government website page posted above.


Whoa boy, big news.

I sure hope these consultants know what they're doing with this dome idea. The reason I say so is that the three biggest money-losing stadiums in this country are Skydome, BC Place, and Stade Olympique... all three being of the domed variety.

Here's a pdf summary of the consultant's report:

[url=] ... uly-20.pdf[/url]

Go for it, Regina!

If they do it I hope its retractable , all they have to do take a look at BC place , its a sauna in the summertime . I could not imagine sitting under a domed stadium in July next to some sweaty old farmer guy.

yeah I have a feeling it will definitely be retractable...

the nice thing about it is that the Farmers can hold their big show in it, and all sorts of companies and events can be held there!

I for one would rather see a removable lid, but something new is probably far better than nothing at all.

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I really wish Regina would get a domed stadium. In the last time the CIS final was played in Sask the weather was extremely cold and windy. I dont ever want a Grey Cup to go to Regina unless there is a covered stadium.

I don't like this idea, it would never be like Taylor field would never be the same, it would lose its luster and appeal, I know it would for me. I say no to the dome

well Canadian tire has a sale on Tarps if you connect enough of them together you got yourself a covered stadium. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

a retractable dome would be sweet

A domed stadium in REgina could start a domino effect for new stadiums in this league. Next thing you know Hamilton and Calgary will build new stadiums. Maybe it would even motivate Quebec and Halifax to get off their butts.


Yes and isn’t it sad that some other cities and specifically Halifax and QC (and its politicians) do not have the will and the progressive movement like Regina and of course Winnipeg.

I really like the idea of fields at least being bubbled and if possible a dome for sure for so many other events in the winter in Canada as it opens up other avenues for entertainment and for kids sports besides hockey in arenas.

And I know hospitals and schools are the most important, I get that and most do but in Hamilton I walk by a hospital reconstruction and it's great but doesn't get me too excited really. Hey, I've had operations in the old one and it worked. But a new stadium while a luxury I know get's me excited or a major refurbishement of an older stadium for the CFL. No logic, I know, but that's just me.

A stadium isn't a luxury, it's community necessity really. Sure it's not on the same level of need as schools and hospitals, but well built stadiums will last very long time with maintenance and they provide facilities for all sorts of events that cities need too keep people engaged and generating economic activity.

Nobody wants an Indianapolis, a Canadian-sized city that builds a new state of the art palace every twenty years or so while people are walking around without adequate health care, but building a stadium every eighty years isn't too much to ask.

Just do it right so that it lasts eighty years. Build for the future.

Yes. The key is to try and get the best location for a stadium that best fits in with the needs of community or future needs of the community. Plopping a stadium say in the middle of a residential neighbourhood like here in Hamilton not close to downtown or to an area of the city that people would like to go to like the habourfront makes absolutely no sense at all to me. It might make sense in the outskirts of a city or perhaps on a university campus, that I agree with, but there has to be some well founded logic rather than here is the cheapest land, let's build it there, type of thing.

I like the idea of building a kind of economic hub, with added attractions that can help generate more revenue for the community while providing services at the same time. It also needs to have excellent access in and out and be close enough that people will want to make a short trip there.

I just hope they don't consider building a cavernous place like Skydome or BC place, it sucks out all the atmosphere unless it's full. By default Skydome was built for baseball so any domed stadium built for football is likely going to be a better place to watch a game, but one of the few good things about Mosaic /Taylor Field right now is that like Ivor Wynne, it's close to the action.

Retractable would be the best bet, but that's adding on millions more dollars.

But if it is already gonna cost many millions, might as well go the extra mile.

Who's going to pay for this boondoggle? The estimate being thrown out at this time is $350 million. By the time it's completed it will be twice that. Property taxes in Regina are already too high and the road in front of my house is a rollercoaster ride. I know it's a grand idea but it will never pay for itself and even after construction the maintenance costs will be footed by Regina taxpayers. An upgrade to Taylor Field would be appropriate but a domed stadium is not practical in the short or long term.

The report, commisioned by the governments and performed by the experts, comes to a different conclusion.

Currently, the stadium that the city ownes and operates is running at a loss. Upgrades to that stadium would not change that, and the city would be faced with the cost of the upgrades, and the continuing costs of maintenance. A new facility has the potential to expand it's services and lead to reduced costs or even yearly revenues.

The benefits of the year-round facility outweigh the costs. The benefits of upgrading the current stadium do not.