Regina City Council moves forward new stadium (with pictures

Good news. City council passed a MOU, unanimously, that will advance the construction of a new $278M, 33000 seat open air stadium. It will be built roof ready and have coverage for the fans when seated.

As it is to be located in an unused parcel of land construction can start anytime next year.

Good news , sounds similar to Winnipeg,s. Perfect for the CFL.

I am suprised they didnt go for 40,000. seems like that woulda been reasonable for regina. will the 33,000 be very expandable?

Awesome bring these politicians here.
Can you imagine if Regina had the politicians/crooks from Ottawa?
The thing would never get built.

Probably for financial reasons, adding another 7,000 seats is like adding an upper deck.

It will probably be two-tier with executive/box seating between, and it will be expandable to 45-50k for Grey Cups, so should there be a need for permanent expansion past the original 33k arise, I'm sure it would be possible. I think the larger concern is overbuilding a little too much from the get-go and losing the intimate/packed stadium feel; 40k would work for Labour Day and playoffs, but for other games, it'd probably be on the high side.

they should have seats that they can add in 24 hours. so if the Riders have a demand for 5,000 more seats for a game.. add them.

if not, oh well.

so some days they can have 38,000 or 40,000 or even 45,000 if the demand is there.

Or they could just go back to the days of hemroid hill.

Well this is going to be mostly taxpayer funded...they better hope they can do this for under $300 million...

They should be able to get a really nice roof-ready stadium for $300M.

I hope they think removable roof.

Good news in my opinion. Not a huge fan of the location, but glad to hear things are progressing forward.

Lots of grumbling, more than I expected actually. Lots of stuff gets built using my tax money that I don't want or will ever use, nice to see something I do want.

What's the story with the location?

Can't imagine how much more green colored crap they will have to sell to pay for a new stadium. Just kidding congrats rider fans a long time coming but im kinda sad to see the end of Taylor field

It will be on the exhibition grounds (Evraz Place) instead of the railyards, which are directly north of downtown. But there's a bit of a story behind the move...

Originally when the province was spearheading the project they had come to an agreement with CP Rail to purchase the entirety of the railyards; however, when the Feds nixed any stadium funding, the province handed the city the reins to the project. The city didn't have an agreement with CP Rail though, and CP Rail decided they actually now wanted to keep half the railyards land to maintain a spur line. The parcel of land that would now be available to the city is too small for a stadium, and so we were left to find another location. Crappy... but still better than at the outskirts of the city.

We might have to open an official store in Edmonton and Calgary instead of letting jersey city make all the profits/have the licencing on merch sales spread throughout the league. And your shade of green is closer to crap-brown than ours. :twisted:

But in all seriousness, I will miss the wheatfield patchwork colour pattern on the seats a little... The rest of the stadium I have no attachment to... it's pretty terrible. It's the fans/atmosphere that make it a great place to watch a game anyway, and that will surely transfer quite nicely to a new stadium.

I'm really curious to see how they engineer a roof ready stadium that can be expanded. If people think about that for a minute they would quickly realize how ridiculous that idea is. Its one or the other.

I might prefer to have the Riders handle the selling of CFL gear they will do a heck of alot better job then Jersey city

It's funny u mention that. I'm constantly surprised how much Rider stuff there is in this city. Ever business seems in on having Rider merchandise and there is so much to choose from. Merchandise outside of that for clothing must be a big income for the riders. My truck is covered with it. Just found tire air stem caps. Canadian Tire alone has tons of stuff, Rider tools, BBQ stuff, etc. I've seen furniture stores with leather recliners with various rider logos professionally stitched in to leather. A couple of years ago they sold 5 F-150s the Durant version with special features like his signature stitched in the leather seats, his name and number on the vehicle, etc. Lots of Rider food .... It goes on and on. The licensing to do this is $$$ for the Riders.

That was what the province tried for originally. Mather has been back lash by vocal minority who want money spent on roads and housing. I think that is why it is now open air as the city will own it but to get the provincial money they required it to be roof ready. So I'm sure there will be a roof not to far down the road. The province really wants it to be used for other activities, amateur sports being one of them, so they want an around the year facility.

I prefer it has a retractable roof.

Forget retractable. Adds a minimum of 500 million. Best thing would be to build a box around a sunken bowl with 35 to 40k seats and then have a phase two when the stadium is paid and put a roof on it. Forget retractable or expansion. Compromises make for bad stadiums.