Reggie White

woohoo, first eskimo post.

other eskimo fans, anybody see reggie white play last year. i did, he looks to be the starter, i think he's gonna be the surprise of the year. e might even be good enough to have an effct on the passing game.


don't mind me I'm just checkin out my sig, and checkin on the avatar situation.

Nope but all i know is Esks are going win the grey cup...whoo hooo dan nanana whoo but i was thinking who would u guys rather have at qb....................khari or jason??

As far as RB’s go. I think if Mills stays healthy we’ll get one more good year out of him. Only one though. I’d like to see Bradley get more touches though.
Maas is the man (if he’s ready to go by opening day!!) Khari is good, but over his prime.

i'd like to see mills fill in at fullback, give bradley and white some experience, then next year have white at RB, and bradley returning kicks, i think thats more his specialty

Mills may make the team, depending on the quality of imports at camp...I really think that Dubec will make a strong push for that fullback position, and win the job by the end of the year. As for RB I have not seen either McLendon or White yet so cannot comment, but will say this. If either of these guys is a north/south runner it does not matter how much speed they have if we don't win the battle in the trench. I'm hoping that we start the year with a back that can take it wide and make people miss. I do agree that we sorely missed that last year and that it will help our passing game a lot.

I should add that's if they are looking at him there....he has played both fullback and tight end so not sure how they plan to use him...don't think he has played fullback since college

just to let you guys know mills is not even on the team anymore I think he is retired

I figured Mills' broken leg last year would probably be the end of his career.

Especially at his age - Damon Allen must have a pact with the man downstairs to come off his broken leg last year at 41.

Watch out for Mclendon and Elvis Joseph I've heard nothing but good things about them.