Reggie Rogers dead at 49

Does anyone else remember this guy when he played for the Cats in early 90's when John Gregory was Coach?

Found dead today in Washington State. First round draft pick by Detroit Lions, charged with a DUI after killing 3 teens in a crash.

Numerous DUI's since then according to the press. An All American on the field, a menace to society off.

I remember him being a dominant player here during the one season he suited up.

8) Yes, I sure remember him also. I believe he played 2 seasons, or 1and a half seasons back in 93-94 !!
   The Detroit media followed his playing here because of his past relationship with the Lions and being their #1 draft choice.

     Funny, there is no mention anywhere about him playing in the CFL.    Not even the Toronto Sun knew that fact, in their 
      article about him !!  They all say he played his last game in 1992 !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

and eerily enough, both Reggie Rogers and his brother Don Rogers were both All-Americans, 1st round draft picks and died as a result of a drug overdose.

I remember Reggie Rogers as a Ticat but was never aware of his criminal life off the field.

Too bad.


Sad to hear.

Oski Wee Wee,