reggie mcneal = the next QB for the Ticats = Franchise Playe

im sick of talking, ill let the highlight footage do the talking. This guy is half-man, half-amazing, check it out:

He's got quite the arm and he can run really well to boot judging from those video's.

he's currently being used as a wide receiver for the bengals, but he is passionate about being a QB, and the CFL is a perfect place for him to showcase his skills.

Think the Bengals will cut him? cuz wow judging from those videos that guy is amazing! He kind of plays to the same way Kerry Joseph does but plays a bit better. Somehow i dont care how but somehow someone has to show those videos to the Management cuz if he gets cut from the Bengals he has to come to Hamilton. Bring In McNeal.

I don't think this guy is as good as you may think.
He has a strong arm and seems to have some speed when running but he is running a college offence.

His o-line gave him some good protection on some of those plays and his recievers made some nice catches.
As well, he was going against some pretty soft defences in those video clips. He had receivers wide open with no one on the defence around them. Makes it a lot easier to complete passes when there is no one covering the receivers.

It was said that the Bengals have him at wide receiver, that's probably because they don't think he has what it takes to be a QB.

He looks good at Texas A&M but I don't know if he has enough to be a pro quarterback

looks alright to me. if he can run and play QB he's got my vote

I think Toronto has His Rights

Express shock

Toronto has his rights? Go figure!

Remove fake shock

So do you think this guy would come up here and start right away ? We~ve had many QBS come up here from big time schools and fail . Most do , why would this guy be any different ?

Bring him to Hamilton!

Argos have him on their neg list to eventually replace Michael Bishop. :slight_smile:

he looks amazing but i dont think the bangels will cut this guy.

He is the WR for Cincinnati, and has been told that he fits well in the system, but he still want's to play QB.

i have a feeling he wont be cut either, he could be used as a backup QB since Carson is still coming back from injury, plus he could be used on special teams as well. Its jsut too bad that we cant get to see him play in steeltown.

Maybe some manic monday, they will extinguish the eternal flame and he can walk like an egyptian into the cfl…

Another work in progress.... no thanks.

Hmmmm,.... no NFL club wants to make him a QB, wonder why..... not even a 3rd stringer.

Nice hype on the can "spin" anything, anytime, anyone!!!

There have been worst QB's the reggie brought up here to the CFL.I've seen him play for years (4yr. starter)and think he would be a good gamble for the Argos and any other team for that matter.If he really wanted to play QB he should come up here.I think he could beat Bishop out of a job, if givin the chance.

reggie mcneal would be an excellent addition to the cfl, and could easily be a 4000 yard paser and 1000 yard rusher under a spread single-back offense with many option routes.

And you know this because you watched a few Youtube highlight packages. Anybody can look good if you just show highlights. Someone put together a Jason Mass career highlights video and we'll see if people start saying he is the greatest qb ever.

can't poach players from off of rosters.