Reggie Lewis passed away this week as well.

If you did not Reggie was a great player that anchored our defense for the Stamps. He was a very good man and it is sad to see his loss.

did they do anything for him at the stamps game?

Yes they had a momment of silence for both Reggie and Ron.

pardon my failing memory, but when did he play and how old was he, and did he die of natural causes??

Reginald Anthony Lewis (January 20, 1954 in New Orleans, Louisiana) was an American football defensive lineman who played three seasons in the National Football League for the New Orleans Saints. He was drafted in the 1976 NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers, but chose to play in the Canadian Football League for the Calgary Stampeders and the Toronto Argonauts, where he was a three time All-Star.

Lewis played college football at San Diego State University.

Sorry to hear this Reggie was a awesome player . I cursed him on many occasions . RIP :thup:

1954? He wasn't that old. RIP Reggie...

I remember Reggie Lewis! Odd we didn't hear more about that.

R.I.P. Reggie.

i think that every looked deeper in the little general. which although i do like all the things i have seen for him i think this should have been mentioned.

any time we lose another it should be remembered. RIP Reggie