Reggie Hunt failed his physical

Eleven other players were placed on the disabled list: Reggie Hunt, Dwayne Taylor; Mike Imoh; Mike Vilimek; Diamond Ferri; Josh Bourke; Jeff Keeping; Dave Stala; Devone Claybrooks; Chris Van Zeyl, and Chijioke Onyenegecha.

All these players failed to clear their medicals because of a pre-existing injury.

What is his injury? Does any one know?

I heard from a source close to Reggie that one he is very nervous about playing with Montreal.

2ndly he was choked at the Riders head office that they wouldn't give him his greycup ring before he left Regina (still currently his home and he was recently married to his girlfriend that lives here)on thursday. The Riders head office wasn't letting anyone have or see the rings before the dinner they held at which point all the players opened their ring boxes for the first time all at the same time. So its a little understandable why they wouldn't let him have it ahead of everyone else as they didn't want anyone to see the rings before the dinner.

I still wish Reggie all the best over in Montreal since he was such a stand up guy for the team and community for so long. Just thought I would share my gossip.