Reggie Hunt a Rider Again!

Reggie signed a 1 day contract with the Riders so he can resign in Rider Green. Glad to hear that his years in Riderville were as special for him as they were for us. Thanks for all your contributions to the Riders Reggie. Glad to have you back.

Were it not for Eddie Davis, I'd be tempted to call Reggie my all-time favourite Rider.

They are both near the top of my list also.

ditto for me. The Reaper was amazing for us. And Eddie has to be one of the best halfbacks to play the game.

Glad to hear Reggie is going out a Rider. I appreciated his brief stint as an Alouette. He didn't jaw-jack; he just led by example. Great player, class act. :thup:

Well put him in for Simpson who is sittin out the next game. Would be great to see him play one last time.

Oh what a great idea! I wish it could be done! Seriously!

But the problem is that he’s not in game shape. He’s been working out of football for some time now, and it wouldn’t be fair to him (he might get hurt), the fans (I’d hate to see such a great career in Sask end on a sour note), or the integrity of the game (he would take up a roster spot, and would strictly be for PR, and not to help the Riders win).

It would be cool if he could be in uniform on the sidelines at least, though!

No I wasnt serious about it, just thought it was a cool idea to put out there. I know he hasn't played for a couple of years. It would be nice though like you said to bring him back up for this last game, dress him up in a uniform (put him on the practice roster) and at halftime bring him out on the field for a standing ovation.

Yeah, you and I are definitely on the same page here.