Reggie Durden Burns the Riders!!!

From the Montreal Gazette- Reggie Durden, who was traded from the Montreal Alouettes to the Edmonton Eskimos last week, was unhappy with the deal but managed to see a bright side. "I'm not on a sorry team," he told the Montreal Gazette. "They could have traded me to Saskatchewan."

Being a bomber fan that just cracks me up..HAHAHAHAHA :lol:

lol love it... but very un-profesional comment made by him.

everyone wants to be like Milt......

Regina Chamber of Commerce wont be happy. :wink:

And what was Winnipeg's record last year? Oh yeah 5-13.

who cares man. That was last season. Look into the future not the past moron.

We want him back in Montreal that's for sure.

Moron? Hmmm, must be from the Peg. How old are we?

Spoken like a true Bombers fan. Eternally optimistic like a Rider fan only more rude.

Go Riders!!

Speaking of burning, look what I found by a simple internet search.

[url=] ... C_ID=21049[/url]

some of these forum members have a lot to answer for, obesity more are suffering from a inferiority complex methinks.

I like this guy, umm duh!, though, he should join this forum. never can tell from a person's online characterization what they are really like, and crafty persons are capable of changing their personality to suit their purposes.....for all we know, this guy could be one of our very own posters....., I thought we had some strange ones here, that imthesportsdude over there is one whacked out individual......good thing we don't have a nutcase like that hanging out in the CFL forum.....downloading child-porn would not only get you banned from here in no time flat, you'd probably also receive a not-so-friendly visit from the RCMP, or the FBI for you yanks.....

That and I'm sure most of us would want to beat the snot out of them.. not that I'm any sort of vigilante, oh no, not that.............

Soooo......... how bout that generic local sports team..... sure are winning and/or losing more or less than last year..... how 'bout that streak they're on....... hey, is that something shiny??

Well, without a doubt, this guy, ithesportsdude, needs some kind of treatment before he rapes a kid, he really needs help.

and I apologies about the language and the content on that site. Apparently, they don't have as much class as this site does, and it shows.

no, ithesportsdude and myself are not the same person. but I'm going to see if I can help him.

I don't believe I said it was you, Kanga.....

I'm sorry guys, but I have this overwhelming feeling that I have to help this guy, if I get banned for it, well worth it.

I hope you will understand. This guy needs to be told how bad it is to be doing what he id doing and god only knows what can happen if he continues.

Go help him on that site.

How on earth would you get banned from this site for doing something on another site.

Your logic continues to amaze me, as does your grammer:

you forgot an all important word in there

bugger, sorry about that, corrected now, I have absolutely not idea why I do that, I sometimes caught myself doing that and sometimes not.

...well, we all problem to be and sometimes maybe just not so........