Reggie Bush

Williams - 536 yards , Avery - 432 yards . I wouldn't call that much better . Only team Argos beat in rushing is Hamilton , second last place in '06 .

Also look at games at yards per carry.

Yards per carry
Avery: 5.3
Williams: 4.8

Yards per game
Avery: 54
Williams: 44

Its pretty clear from watching the games and looking at the stats who the better running back was in Toronto. And it definately wasn't Ricky.

Also look at the difference in games played between Avery and Williams.

To add to the Bush argument, first year, I don't think he'd be the best. More experience you get, the better you get.

I don't agree that he'd break a whole bunch of records. He has the same style of play as Charles Roberts, and I do think Charles Roberts is better than him talent wise.