If the tiger-cats sign reggie ball they have completely lost their minds or the scouting dept is brain dead. first of all his career is riddled with chokes in big games. second hes a suck. in the acc championship he ran his mouth all game against wake couldnt complete the long ball to the best reciever in college football (who was 4 inches taller then all the dbs). it doesnt stop there...after the game he refused to talk to the media and to top it off the guy in his senior year gets ineligible for his last bowl game. apparently hamilton doesnt recruit character. maybe we should take a page from wake forests book. recruit character hard nosed players that can stand up to adversity and play within a team. anyways thats my 2 cents.

reggie ball is awful.. he couldnt hit water if he fell out of a boat. the only reason he had some many TD passes this year was because Calvin Johnson was the best receiver in the country

Go ... Richie Williams

Who is this guy ?

Have you heard rumors about the Cats signing Ball or something?

And if they do sign him and bring him to camp, what exactly do they have to lose? They're not going to be guaranteeing him the starters spot.

lol yeah i heard it through the big rumour mill at all im saying is that you can only bring in 3 to 4 qbs to camp 3 if you count maas. i just hope we can bring in better competition esp when its a positoin that demands character and leadership which are qualities that this guy lacks.

He's a kid.

He has potential, training camp is where you check out "potential". Who knows what kind of person he can become as he grows up. Worst case he doesn;t make the team and doesn't cost anything. Best case he becomes the CFL's next Flutie.

That's the thing about potential. You never know. But a tryout can't hurt..

he is horrible, ignorant and cant plAy the game of football!! im not in favour of him at all, he will be a cancer in the locker room if he doesnt have reciever who catch balls that are 10 feet behind or to the sie of them

Reggie Ball does not inspire much confidence as a CFL quarterback prospect from a statistical point of view either. Although Ball has good mobility, his career pass completion rate at Georgia Tech was 48.6% with 57 TDs and 55 interceptions.

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after looking at his #
I have to agree
He is not an upgrade to anything we have now.

The only reason that he should be in camp is to keep Maas from throwing out his arm.

Ohhh is that why Dickenson does so well because he has the great recievers on his team ??

Lets have a look at the lad, cant be any worst than Dick Leadweather.

I tried to watch a lot of college ball this year and I wasn't that thrilled by Reggie Ball's play either. He had one of the best receivers in the country to throw to (Calvin Johnson, he'll go high in this year's NFL draft, top 10 probably) and their offence still wasn't that great. In college you can win a lot of games if you have one outstanding player such as Johnson but the problem for Georgia Tech this year was Ball's inability to get him the ball. Ball's accuracy was never good, but he is quite mobile. Maybe the Cats brass is counting on the fact that he's a mobile QB and that they can teach him to be a more accurate passer. Of course this is all premature since who knows if he'll be drafted in the NFL, or even if we bring him to camp.

Inviting the guy to camp certainly wouldn't hurt, the more QBs we get a look at the better since that's been a Ti-Cat sore spot for how long? We had Dunigan for all of 5 games, but before him, wow, who was our last great QB? Any guesses? Faloney maybe?

Our last truly great QB? Tom Clements. I place him higher than Danny Mac because of his superior mobility and higher completion average. No slight to Danny, who will be in the Hall of Fame soon enough.

The caveat to that is that Danny did deliver a Grey Cup, something Tom didn't do when he was here. I still think the Clements for Brock trade was a mistake -- Tom could have won a couple of championships with our mid-eighties defence, IMHO.

I liked Mike Kerrigan, but he wasn't at Clements's level in my view. Dieter Brock was at the end of his string in Canada when the Cats acquired him.

Before that, 1972-vintage Chuck Ealey was pretty special. However, for leadership on the field, I give props to Joe Zuger, who never got the credit he deserved succeeding Faloney. He played with grit and won championships. That puts him high in my books.

Bernie Faloney was the greatest QB in Tiger-Cat history if his entire body of work and the opinions of his contemporaries are considered. If it weren't for Kenny Ploen, Leo Lewis, Bud Grant et al, he likely would have attained SIX Grey Cup rings with the Cats instead of the the two he garnered (1957 and 1963). Winnipeg in November was his kryptonite too often.

Oski Wee Wee,

As for inviting Reggie Ball to camp if he's available, by all means. He is WAY raw though and does seem to have some personality issues as others have observed. I would give Richie Williams a serious look at next year's camp, regardless. Maas must be pushed.

Oski Wee Wee,

Don’t know Ball. Do know that Drew Brees looked pretty poor in his first few NFL seasons and look at him now.

Let the competition begin!

I saw 3 or 4 Georgia Tech games.
Not impressed with Ball at all.
Their best offensive game was the Gator Bowl... when Ball didn't play because he was academically ineligible.

If the Cats can get anything for him, he will be traded. Taaffe coached in that league and obviously knows he is no good.

Training camp fodder.