Regarding spammers on these here forums

Pretty annoying, right? Here's the situation: As far as automated countermeasures go, we've already got the best anti-spambot system already in place (reCaptcha, run by Google). That's the biggest and most important line of defence. When I've got a few quiet moments, I'll look at adding these enhancements (as mentioned in this blog post):

  • Install the http:BL mod to check IP addresses against the world's shared IP blacklists
  • Modify the site to use Akismet against forum posts
  • Potentially block users from posting links when they have less then 5 posts (or maybe wait 15 days from their registration or something time-based)

Now, a major problem we'll likely always face is that spammers are literally paying humans $0.01/post to register and spam for them. I can make it a little bit harder on them - as of right now, new users will have to provide a valid e-mail address, and they must click a link in the e-mail they receive when they sign up to validate their account. Ultimately, though, a human can get by anything we can put in place.

I'm open to additional suggestions for how to deal with this issue; let me know if you've got any.

I don't mind some of these companies using this blog if they are supporting our league. We should show the major sponsors on this Forum in my view. I think it could be marketed as additional revenue for the league. We won't mind if this is done. Also like the super bowl ads, if it happened in the Grey Cup then we could click on the ads in this site after the game. I do not see much of a down side, but must be league controlled

Is it June yet?

I hate all the spam on this site.
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still waiting

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....LOL :lol: :lol: ....Good one Ploen...just don't hold your breath waiting for a reply :lol:

whats in it for me???

I really don't think you need any more countermeasures. Of the thousands of posts on you get one or two spam posts every couple of months. I've been a regular contributor here since 2007 (at least) with a previous account before the forum update - and I can tell you it's really not an issue. what you are doing is working.

there's really only 2 things I think could change, and one of them is in the realm of fantasy.

  1. People stop caring so much, and just let junk posts fade in to the nether-realm of outdated posts and archives instead of posting in those threads and infusing it with the life-blood of forum topics.
  2. Add a "report post" button to forum options. But then you open the door to complaints of "This poster said Rakeem Cato isn't as good as the hype, I want him booted!"

anyway, i'll let you guess which one is fantasy.

...I'm going to go ahead and vote Option #1 as the fantasy one, because for your Option #2 noted above:

a) this option already exists, it's the exclamation button on everyone's posts, and,
b) trust me, from someone who then goes and clears up those reported posts 'Ban this poster because of [fill in the blank]' is a not rare event...

Yes, please use the Report Button. It helps us out a great deal. :thup:

Pour y avoir eu recours à ces occasions récemment, j'ai trouvé que la réponse des modérateurs a été faite dans des temps satisfaisants. Je sais que nous vivons à l'ère de l'instantané, mais pour ma part, je laisse un temps raisonnable après avoir signalé une rubrique de spam pour que les modérateurs agissent. Ils ont toujours réagi dans des temps satisfaisants.

Now that was Sweet

I had a problem a few weeks ago linking into this site. I wrote the CFL office and, prompt action corrected the issue.


Hey folks - I've now installed Akismet to be checked when users make posts on the forums. If you encounter issues, please let me know by PM or by e-mailing I'll attempt to monitor for issues as well, of course.

I've made another anti-spam update as well: From this point onwards, a poster must have made at least 3 posts before they can put a URL in their post. Let's see how much this helps.

Only 3?

I would go higher
Will there be an error message or will it just not post? Spammers usually post in every forum....Its no big deal to them if there is no link in the first 3 but there is in the last 12

I would make it at least 15