Worst officiating I've ever seen!Non-calls are ruining the CFL.I thought there were 2 teams playing.refs only saw one.Same pattern;1st qtr.-refs let teams play.2nd and 3rd qtr.-one team penalized consistently.4th qtr.-when games out of reach,refs start calling light penalties on winning teams to balance the stats.So in this game mont. was never offside,O-line never held and there was never any interference.PATHETIC!!

Worst officiating IThat officiating was absolutely disgusting. When a panel of impartial journalists are absolutely disgusted by the officiating, it must be very bad. The late hits on Stoddard and Quinn were two of the cheapest shots ever taken on a CFL field. The hit on Stoddard should've resulted in an ejection and the one on Quinn in a roughing the passer penalty. It was shaping up to be a great game, too bad the refs ruined it.

You know, 24 Hours ago, I thought the officials in the CFL were OK, but their not, and it's not because my team lost badly, it's because the refs clearly don't know what they are doing, and need better training than the league is giving them.

That should be the first issue the new CFL commissioner addresses next season, not rule changes and other rubbish, REFS!!! cuz this kind of situation can NEVER happen again in the CFL.