:( is it just me or is the CFL bias? I was sitting down watching the Ticat Argos game when I relized that something is up, it seems that Hamilton are always getting flags while obvious penatlys on Toronto are passed by, example Hamilton gets a roughing the passer penalty while when not 1 but 3 Argonaut lineman hit Jason Maas after the flag, not even CBC mention it, another example is an obvious clipping call in front of the flag and Josh Ranek got hurt on that play

Every single year it seems that the Hamilton Tiger Cats are singled out by the refs while Toronto get a free pass, is it just me or is the CFL front office telling refs to watch Hamilton closely while Toronto or Montreal get away it, I don't know why but I think the CFL front office root for Toronto while making sure smaller teams like Hamilton and Winnipeg never catch a break but that's just what I think

I really believe that the CFL needs to train new referees and retire some these other guys. I know its a part-time gig, but honestly some of these guys are too comfortable with their job security in the CFL. This is a league wide problem and it needs to be addressed now!!

The ref's miss/make calls on all teams. You just happen to see more Hamilton calls simply because your a Cats fan. I gaurantee if you were an Argo or even an Allouette fan you would be whinning for them. I can remember 2 very questionable inteference calls on the Argos last game. Also a few cheapshots where only the Argonaut player gets ejected. See, no ones favoring the Argos.

I agree with argoz but when he says “even Als fans” it makes me wonder if he feels the Als are protected.

That fine if he does because it just goes to show that every fan at times feels the same way

But we don't make many topics about it now do we!

I think Tom Wright calls the referee before every Ticat/Argo game and says “you know what to do, we want the Argos to win” :lol:

The worst calls are always the ones against YOUR team, no matter what team that is.

Hey Third....How about we charge $1.00 for every "The Ref Screwed my team" post? You could retire, and I could take you fishing on the lake out here!

Sounds definately good to me, but holding count of the "ref related whining" on this site seems to be a job even more demanding than the one I get paid for. Is that really a retirement, then?

And I thought only Winnipeg got the bad calls. Phew!

I dont if anyone else sees the problem here, but people are saying that refs are biased against their team, one bad call after another. It tells me that there is definitely an officiating problem overall in this league, and the CFL needs to address that problem. Just once I would like to see games over a 2 to 3 week peroid where the officials arent the focus of the fans wrath. Good referees are ones who are not noticed and makes fair calls for BOTH sides.

Sambo...Its the human element thing. There are going to be mistakes. I watch Junior football in Kelowna, they make mistakes. I watch my Grandson's Bantam team play, and the refs make mistakes there too. A few years ago I read an article where the CFL hired half a dozen new guys. Has it fixed the problem....Don't know...Will hiring new people work? DOn't know.

Because of the human element, we'll probably read "I hate the Refs" posts for ever and ever. But as My Grandsons coach tells his team..."Good teams win inspite of the refs!"

..."Good teams win inspite of the refs!"

That says it all...bad teams it always if, if, if. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually the human element plays a big part here but not only on the side of the refs! Lets be honest for a second. Unless it it really flagrant no fan will admit to themselves that the penalty call was the right call if it went against their team nor will they admit that a non call was the proper one either. Just about every time the flag comes out half the audience will be happy and half will be complaining.

Not True Ro, When I See A Play The I Feel Was Offside, Or Holding, Or What Ever. I Call It. Granted When It's Against My Team I Just Kinda Say "That's Kinda Holding" Whereas When It's Against The Other Team I'm Up Out Of My Seat Yelling, Swearing, And Doing Over Exsagerated Hand Motions.

There Have Been A Lot Of Really Bad Calls Made Against All Teams Over The Years. I Think A Few New Refs Would Be A Good Thing. Maybe What We Need To Do Is Hire These Guys Full Time And Train Them A Bit Better So They Know What They're Looking For.

Usually when a team seems to get lots of needless penalties it is due to the team not gelling with each other and poor communication with their team mates. This usually occurs a lot in preseason and the first few games of the season. As the team mates get use to each other the penalities start to get less.The Argo team has been together for sometime whereas the Cats have lots of new players that need to get use to the offense or defense.

Also coaching will dictate number of fouls. I've heard stories that Wally fines the players for UR and Unsportsmanlike penalties. The fine money goes into the pot for a team wind up party. Those that take dumb penalties pay more than those that don't!

That is true Sporty he did that here as well.

I am not saying the refs never miss a call. I do however feel they do a good job under the cirmcustances. What I am saying is that as the thread shows many fans feel the refs are against their team

I agree Ro it is a perception problem.