Who is for the league adopting a program to train CFL refs at a professional level?
It might help take our favorite game get to the next level.

cfl refs are as good, and bad, as any others.

Do you really think they don’t train???

doesnt seem like it :wink:

For the most part, they do get the call's right.Sometime's you wanna get down on the field and take em' to the cleaner's, but they're just doing their job and I trust the commissioner doesn't just hire ANYBODY to do the job... I hope...

For the most part they are great, save in the area of no-yards which is always tough to call.

Hopefully, the changes to the "no yards" rules will help the situtation.

Maybe if you paid them a fair wage things would be different! Or abot this, HIRE FULL TIME REFS, just like other sports do!
If you run out of part timers, there is always footlocker!

Good one 13th man.

I feel they're getting better (except for the Montreal BC game). Tom Higgins has done an admirable job since taking over head of officiating, it's no longer a dictatorship.

Are the NFL refs full time? I thought they only get paid 150$ a game

Yes NFL refs are fulltime! They make between 42-120 thousand a year, depending on thier experience!

I don't believe they are. I remember seeing a feature on NFL referee Ed Hochuli and he works in the off-season as an attorney. My understanding is they are contracted, not full-time salaried employees because of how short the season is. They can still make a good wage by refereeing, but they are not classified as full-time.

You're numbers are also off. I believe the wages for refs in the NFL is between $25,000-70,000. NBA, NHL and MLB officials make more because they work more (closer to the 120,000 you quoted) but NFL refs do not make that much.

Blogskee wee wee

You are right, they are considered part-time employess by the league, and are indeed the lowest paid officials in all of the major league sports. From I have read, even that top salary is made by only a very few of the top referees. One thing I do like about their system is that the officiating team is just that, a team that works together almost every week. I guess it is a big thing to have your officiating team chosen for playoff games and the extra money it would bring in.

According to, the annual salary for an NFL on-field official can range from $25,000 per year up to $70,000 per year