Refs were horrible in Sask TO game

OK, first, my team won, but the refs were awful tonight! I would say more bad calls against the Riders, but there were also some against TO that should not have been called and a few against the RIders that should have been!

I am just glad it didnt cost us the game..but it did cost us Kenton Keith..I Already said what they should do with O'Shea on another post.....but no use dwelling on it. has already been done :lol: ............and our O'SHEA , is our ANGALO :wink: :smiley:

There were bad calls on both sides, however.........not a bad game...for the refs............

They did rule that he had made that catch..........but it was , STILL 3rd down regardless. :wink:

SASK. fans sometimes BOOOOOOOOO a penilty , even if it goes their way. :lol: :wink: :smiley:

No use at all Dentor...he hit him late, wasn't called, but the reffing is not to blame in the outcome of the game, coaching failed the argo's..

ALLEN, failed the ARGOS........his fumble on the 1 and his interception in the end zone.......I feel sorry for OTTAWA , next week.......OUCH!

AND we have to give credit to the SASK. defense.....1 goal line stand.......1

interception..........and great running.

you can beat any one, if you have that. :smiley: CAN THEY KEEP IT UP?

I’ve always had respect for O’shea, but I lost it tonight. It wasn’t just the late hit out of bounds…no it was when KK was rolling on the ground in pain - caused by his late hit out of bounds - he was shown smilling on the sidelines winking at the camera. Very classless!

O'shea was a warrior, beating on Riders was his job tonight...his uglyness made him into the football player he is today..

You know the thing about that hit… wasnt the fact he hit him outta bounds (Which he did)…It was the wink & a smile on camera that proves he intentionally cheapshotted him… I hope the game films are sent to the league, we dont need this kind BS in the CFL.
…again I dont wanna dwell on this but it did cause an injury to one of our star players…

....was it my imagination or did Damon start to look his age last the end of every play and especially after his runs....he seemed to drag himself up off the turf....maybe the game is catching up with 'old folks'....and the CFL. schedule is getting to be a little too long for Allen... he looked tired and totally off his game......just my observation... :!:

Is it just natural for you to complain about the ref's I believe after every game you compalin about ref's. Was there bad calls of course every game has bad calls. The thing here is Leeing is yo have accept them you an not change the call the game is over so why bother. Your team won so why bother move on. What you complain about the weather next or you did not get your crops in yet. Ref's are humans just like you we make mistakes and that is the way it is. Maybe you can do better.

This is getting to be like a broken record alright , after every Rider game the customary post about bad reffing. :roll: I like the token , " but there were also some against TO... " . :roll:
Well this is what I think about this thread :roll: . , did I mention :roll: ?
And one last point , :roll: .
Anything else to talkabout ? :roll:
Oh ya, I totally agree with r&w2005 .

Agree not only yesterday, but two games ago in Hamilton as well how Damon has been brutal. Definitely looking his age. What is also disturbing is how Pinball and or Austin as OC continues to stick with Allen when clearly it would have been a change of pace to bring in Bishop, who no matter what we thnik of him, has been good coming off in a relief role. The same idea during the play on the 1 yard line, Bishop as bigger and stonger and more powerful forward runner, should have been in on the sneak and not Allen, who is soaking wet at 170lbs.

That’s your second post on the topic…you ARE dwelling on it. :wink:

...bad reffing was the one hopper the night before in Cowgary. That I believe, gave the Stumps the momentum for the rest of the game.


Is it not ok to discuss the officiating? You'd have to be pretty ignorant to think there we're some BRUTAL calls and non-calls last night - both ways. No one here has said it favored one side or the other. Personally I wasn't even refering to the refs.... only the dirty hit by O'shea. So pennw, you let us know when it IS ok to discuss officiating, or maybe you should lead us in approved topics for the day.

I'm neither a Riders or Argos fan , so from a neutral point of view, I think it's pretty childish to go whining about the refs again. It was not a bad reffed game. Why are there no Argo fans here whining about it?? This is exactly one of the reasons why Rider fans get such a bad rap on these forums. After every game " the reffing was just brutal" :roll: from Rider fans. It's so bad that the non-whining Rider fans have to disassociate from the whiners. Maybe go back and read some of the long "rider-bashing" threads like Billysoups complaint about Rider fans getting treated the way they do.This is a case in point. It's guys like you and leeing that bring it upon the others with your blind bias.
You can whine about it all you want , but others can also call you whiners all they want too. If all fans did it , it would be the main topic of discussion after every single game played for the entire season.
It's pretty ignorant for fans like you to think the Riders are the ones that get the bad rap every single game.

Blind zebras exist all over the place in this league, and brutal calls happen for each team. There were two non-calls I was disappointed in, as a Rider fan (hit to Keith, and what I saw as a screen on Holmes - at least I think it was Holmes), but there were bad calls and non-calls for TO, too. Every team gets them, and every team is expected to play through them. The reason Rider fans get jumped on so often is exactly why pennw stated: they whine too bloody much about calls, even when we win the blasted game.

Next topic, please.



Tell me Rocky B by B1tching about the refing what does it accomplish self satisfaction is that it. The call is made you be a good sport and move on. Good teams play through this. Obviously you feel your team is not good enough to play throught these calls. Will they go back and change the call NO. Why do you not talk about positive things such as the play of Crandell or the Oline or etc. Why is it you have to complain? Do you live in a perfect world Rocky I doubt it. Next time you make a mistake I hope people complain loudly. It is a sport and nothing more. Your team is penalized that is how the ref had seen the play. Live with it!

Oh come on. There were bad calls. Yes people are complaining about it, so what. They are allowed to. Yes we won, doesn't mean we still don;'t have a right to complain when probably our best player on the field is injured by a dirty hit that was clearly out of bounds. I almost through my drink at the TV screen when I saw that jit and then Kieth not getting up, and then that jackass winking. I don't like dirty players in anything, Football, hockey, Tag, buisness, drinking games, chess, whatever. So I complain about it. I was raised to play clean and I am sorry If I should expect the same from everyone else. If it was Reggie Hunt that made that hit on Damon Allen, you can bet your ass that 1) there would have been a flag 2) if there wasn't a flag every one and their mother would be dragging Hunt's name through the mud.And you know what. I would have agreed with them. Whatever its a double standard and I guess I have to accept it.