Refs under review

Should the Reffing be under scrutiny, as I watch the the games on T.V.. Even when the challenges that are right in front of them, they seem to go with with their favorite teams ,I believe that if they are challenged the Refs calls should be under review.

Don’t start with the favorite teams.
The refs screw up calls equally for all sides.

As for your question
The refs are under scrutiny. I believe 7 of them were sent back to the minor leagues.

I'm not not talking favorite,I'm talking least,it does seem that some teams get the better of the calls . if you watched any of the games you would see what I mean .

I watch every game!
Let me guess. Your team always gets the worst calls right?

no i watch every game and you can tell which team the so called refs will favor maybe some calls are warranted, but you can see that ,that it really doesn't matter because we all know who become grey cup champions. RR

go riders

Didn't you know????? Steen, Yule, Ireland, Johnson and Proulx meet regularly at the Holiday Inn in Banff to plan this weeks winners? :roll: :roll: :roll:

They do not get paid enough the team that feeds them good gets the better calls. :lol: :lol: :lol: Rider fans you have to love them!

LoL...if they like bread I guess. But seriously, how about a little transparency? I think fans would feel better if they could see the discipline they apparently recieve. How about it people?


Well i dont know if this helps but I recall hearing that the ref that threw a flag to cover up his early whistle that negated a perfectly legal interception got canned for gross incompetence. this was fairly early in the year i forget who was playing i think it was montreal and toronto.

It would help a lot if the CFL had some kind of television broadcast where george black (head of officiating I belive) explains to the fans all the questionable calls that occured that week, whether the official was right or wrong, why they were right or wrong in that call, and if they were wrong what the call should have been and why

A picture says a thousand words! Excellent!

Well Kel, The problem with that is if you make a mistake at work would you like your boss to publically tell everyone through the press. Not a good idea. I feel you learn through your mistakes. George needs to let these guys know the mistakes so in future they can correct tehm. You have to becareful as well you do not want them to get to the point that they would be afraid to make a call as well. I think even myself we need to just let them do their thing and accept mistakes. Hopefully they learn from them and they get better. Remember most are judgmental calls.

Geez 2005, you seem to have a more understandable approach. Did YOUR favourite ref Bud Steen take you out for a drink in Banff? :wink:

iunno i am pissed at the refs alot this year. i believe my team has gotten a few more against them then for them. i think almost think the refs are unwilling to overturn a call against the home team. seems winnipeg wins more challanged at canad inns then anywhere else.

There is only one solution. How can you expect a ref on the field to overturn a call he or one of his crew made when he's seen it on replay and knows he was wrong. There has to be a replay official upstairs making the call.

Can anyone verify this?
Best news I've heard about the officiating all year if it's true. That was a monstrous decision taken to cover up a mistake and could have changed the outcome.

I remember reading a "Postage stamp size" column in one of the papers back in August or Sept that 7 or 8 were let go.

Is it true? We will never know but it sure seemed like it,

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ro, I beleive there is another link relating to officials being let go. It had a link to a newspaper if I remember correctly.