refs suck!

Are you watching the game? Chatmain did not interfere with Simon. CFL ref's suck!

...that was bogus...a little incidental contact that had nothing to do with a non-catchable ball...

Amazing that refs miss the obvious and call the questionable too often.

so what you're saying is the refs cost you the game AGAIN.

...definately not....just a questionable call...the refs had nothing to do with the game's outcome IMO...

fair assessment. Saw the play and I'm kinda undecided on the call, whether it was right or wrong.

I’m not, Chatman had a solid grip on Simon’s jersey and was pulling Simon back. Simon could have made that catch if he hadn’t of been interfered with.

Please quit complaining about the refs every time you lose. You guys are sounding like flames fans. BC was face masked in the first quarter and there was no call. Plus there were some questionable calls either way. The cost of the game was your own inability to put up points. Not the refs

....hey doofus, look at the posting time for the complaints, the game wasn't even over yet....and no where did anyone claim this 'cost us the game'...grab a brain for crying out loud...

Hey red new fresh meat coming into the Stamps threads!

Boohoo now who is crying!

redwhite2005 why would I be crying the lions kick your butts. And redandwhite It was only a matter of time before the complaints would have began anyway.

Let me help you out since you can not comprehend past pictures been shown to you.
What is this statment you just made:

BC was face masked in the first quarter and there was no call.

Is that not the same that redandwhite made very similar is it not! So you start in on him about complaining and yet you just did it yourself! Move on moron this area is for Stamp fans! If you got nothing but trolling on your mind go troll over in the BC forum.

[quote="Lionbacker"]so what you're saying is the refs cost you the game AGAIN.[/quote

Not really...just that things don't usually get called according to what happens on the play. Someone's interpretation on the field seems a bit off...

Hmmm okay redwhite2005 What "pictures" are you talking about. And please show me the very similar Quote that redandwhite made. because I don't see it anywhere. Also not new meat on the thread just new nicname.

"move on moron, this area is for Stamps fans".....oh, really? Then what are you doing over on the BC thread? - a topic about Team 1040 had nothing to do with you. Show us that respect if you expect it in return.

Can't have your cake and eat it too...if this is YOUR designated space, then stay out of ours, k?

…that is the unwrtten rule…if the visting fan is being a troll, but if the fan is actually contributing to a useful discussion then there is no problem with that…

R&W and 05, I think we found Saskargo!!! Her new name is debralynn8197!!!!! :lol: :lol:

....I think what rw05 is saying here hater is that you chastise stamps fans for complaing about the refs and then do so yourself with the faskmask comment...

...a clone as least....